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Retailers, Suppliers, and the Ties that Bind

Kevin Williamson has led RJW Logistics Group through the pandemic by recruiting and cultivating top talent, aligning everyone on the same vision, and constantly thinking up innovations.


Online ExclusiveChris Bell, Founder and CEO, Perch

Supply Chain Predictions for 2021

The continued proliferation of third-party fulfillment options means Amazon and its shipping partners—FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and regional couriers—will have a hard time keeping up with the volume. Will the trend continue? Here are some predictions for 2021.

Online ExclusiveJosh Roffman, VP Product Management, Loftware

Enabling Supply Chain Agility

With the pandemic still taking hold, it’s more important than ever that businesses maintain a consistent flow of goods. To ensure supply chain agility and avoid further disruption, many companies are adopting processes to help manage new labeling and supply chain complexities.

Online ExclusiveJames Simpson, Chief Technology Officer, SafetyCulture

Choose Empathetic Technology:
Frontline Tech that Cares

The logistics and supply chain industry still is severely affected by the pandemic, from canceled sailings to a shortage of truck drivers. Frustration and anxieties are higher than ever. It’s time to be selective about what software you introduce and implement. How do you choose the right tech? It starts with empathy.

Online ExclusiveChris Nicholson, CEO, Pathmind

How to Avoid Fragile Supply Chains

Supply chains breakdown in different ways, and each type of risk needs its own mitigation strategy.

Online ExclusiveEric Voyles, Executive Vice President, Chief Economic Development Officer, TexAmericas Center

Leveraging 3PLs to Ease COVID Business Growing Pains

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for more robust and responsive logistics, with more consumers and businesses expecting just-in-time delivery or products shipped directly to their front doors. One option is utilizing third-party logistics (3PL) suppliers to move and transport excess raw material or finished goods.

Online ExclusiveMarc Meyer, CCO, Transmetrics

How Preventive Business Models in Logistics Can Add Value to Companies

Here's how preventive business models on the front end and back end of the supply chain can help to add value to companies.

Keith Biondo

Checking InKeith Biondo

Dollar Tree—Winning Through Logistics

What can a great logistics operation do for a company in this economy? Lots more than move boxes around, as it turns out. Dollar Tree's logistics team serves as a great example.

Suzanne Offerman

COVID-19Suzanne Offerman

Preparing for the Next Big Disruption

COVID-19 exposed inefficiencies and points of failure in all aspects of our supply chains—from processes to people and technology. Now is the time to address these challenges to help limit the impact of inevitable future disruptions.

Online ExclusiveE_CommerceLaura Lough, Fulfillment and Logistics Partnership Director, Digital River

What Retailers Should Add to their Holiday Checklist to Avoid E-Commerce Disruptions

It’s never too soon for retailers to start planning for the critical elements of the transaction process to ensure a successful holiday season and to avoid disruptions. Here are three items that should be on every online retailer’s holiday checklist.

Good QuestionKatrina Arabe

What's the first thing you would do to address the truck driver shortage?

Industry insiders share the initial and most impactful steps they would take to address the truck driver shortage.

Oleg Yanchyk

IT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain TechnologyOleg Yanchyk

3 Ways AI Can Reap Benefits

Here are three key areas where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can reap significant benefits for both shippers and carriers.

Mark Fierek

Last MileMark Fierek

Efficiency Lives Where Technology and Human Intelligence Intersect

In last-mile logistics, a combination of quality talent, technology and the human touch quickly brings about improved efficiency, increased transparency, and limited freight damage.


Ten Tips

10 Tips for Improving Packaging Performance

The packaging used throughout the supply chain, and its management, plays a crucial role in optimizing your operation.


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