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3PL Partnership Turns Up the Heat

During a period of rapid growth, online grill retailer reduced damaged freight claims by more than 75% and lowered shipping costs by working with a logistics services provider for country-wide less-than-truckload services.

DC Solutions

I, Robotics

Faced with congestion in warehouse aisles, Integrated Supply Network deployed autonomous mobile robots, which proved to be a game changer for warehouse employees and customers.

I.T. Toolkit

TMS Keeps the Presses Running

OVOL USA’s needed a transportation management system (TMS) that would meet the unique needs of all the company’s divisions and was relatively straightforward to implement and use. By partnering with ShippersEdge, he found a system that met both goals.


Getting Into the Spirit of Things

Profile of Alexi Cashen, co-founder and CEO of Elenteny Imports

Reader Profile

Michael Shaughnessy: Honed for the Holidays

Michael Shaughnessy, senior vice president of supply chain with seasonal home décor retailer Balsam Brands, cultivates strong relationships with carriers and uses his 23-year military background to master timing and movement.


Keith Biondo

Checking InKeith Biondo

You Won't Get Fooled Again

Smart enterprise leaders have used the past two years to drive change in their business processes.

Josh Jungwirth

COVID-19Josh Jungwirth

How to Combat Logistics Logjams

More than a year and a half into the pandemic, today’s logistics logjams are not expected to end anytime soon. That's why it's imperative brands today fortify their supply chains to best navigate the current environment and prepare for what unexpected challenges may lie ahead to limit future disruptions.

Good Question

What is the biggest supply chain lesson you learned from the past two years?

Readers look back at a volatile 2020 and 2021 and summarize the supply chain lessons learned.

Jeff Lokant

IT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain TechnologyJeff Lokant

TMS Evolution: A Provider's Perspective

What is a TMS in 2022? Understand capabilities and must-haves for transportation management systems in today’s marketplace.

Aaron Hageman

Last MileAaron Hageman

Last Mile Predictions and Priorities

The continued demand and expectation for last-mile delivery will require new solutions to optimize a strained supply chain.

Dan Boaz

Logistics ManagementDan Boaz

Expedited Shipping Can Save Money

While expedited shipping options are typically more expensive than standard freight services, they offer numerous benefits to organizations when sending and picking up cargo. Here are some of the major advantages.

Gregg Healy

Real EstateGregg Healy

Is There an End to Amazon's Impact?

Amazon’s amazing levels of industrial absorption is just the beginning of a greater evolution of how brick-and-mortar retail, distribution and even manufacturing will continue to evolve.

John O'Kelly

Reverse LogisticsJohn O'Kelly

4 Tips to Master Reverse Logistics

Four tips to improve reverse logistics process.

Evan Quasney

Risks and Rewards: Risk Management StrategiesEvan Quasney

Evaluate Risk Before Critical Decisions

The past year has opened the door to many risks and response strategies that supply chain leaders must keep top of mind when making critical inventory, demand, logistics, and pricing decisions.

Online ExclusiveSmart Moves: Supply Chain Careers & Education AdviceEthan Karp, President and CEO of MAGNET and Vistage Member

The Manufacturing Workforce in 2022: Restraints, Predictions, and Implications

Manufacturers are not immune from the impact of the worker shortage that shows little to no sign of ceasing. Here’s how to rebuild the talent pipeline.

Stefany Martin

Smart Moves: Supply Chain Careers & Education AdviceStefany Martin

Bridging the Supply Chain Gender Gap

Here’s how organizations within the supply chain ecosystem can take progressive actions to help bridge the gender gap and create a more equitable workplace across all roles and levels for women and working moms.

Pierre Erasmus

Supply Chain ResiliencyPierre Erasmus

3 Ways to Build a Resilient Supply Chain

Organizations across sectors must keep pace with changes in supply and demand—and intelligent supply chains can help

Jeffrey G. Tucker

Supply Chain SecurityJeffrey G. Tucker

National Security Starts With Individual Manufacturers

The weeks of empty grocery shelves during the pandemic prove the fragility of the basic supply chains that impact Americans daily. But national security won’t be achieved until each citizen is made secure by the free and dependable flow of necessities.

Paul A. Myerson

The Lean Supply ChainPaul A. Myerson

S&OP: Bringing the Outside In

To achieve success in today’s volatile global environment, there is a need to have a more “outside-in” approach using information from your extended supply chain to maximize customer value and overall supply chain surplus.

What's the Word? The Language of Logistics

What's The Word? The Language of Logistics

Industry insiders and experts break down the language of logistics and essential terms in supply chain management.


Ten Tips

10 Tips for Deploying a Robotics System

10 tips for deploying a robotics system in your warehouse or distribution center 


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