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Parts and Parcels

A conversation with Rony Kordahi, chief operating officer with Parts Town, a distributor of restaurant equipment parts.


Keith Biondo

Checking InKeith Biondo

Reshoring? Not So Fast

Reshoring might sound like the solution to the United States' supply chain woes, but here's why it is not a cure-all for current and future disruptions.

Good Question

What's the biggest supply chain silo?

Readers shine a light on the most significant information lapses and data gaps in the supply chain, from transportation siloes to the lack of visibility into suppliers.

Online ExclusiveIT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain TechnologyKushal Nahata, CEO & Co-Founder, FarEye

Using Actionable Real-Time Visibility to Impact the Consumer Experience

Utilizing technology has become vitally important to improving both last-mile delivery and the end consumer’s experience with a brand.

Mark Balte

IT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain TechnologyMark Balte

Designing a Soft Goods Supply Chain

Discover how soft goods supply chains can use AI, ML, and other advanced technologies to accurately predict peak season demand.

Maureen Sullivan

Supply Chain FinanceMaureen Sullivan

Managing Working Capital Amid Product Shortages

The shift from “just-in-time” to “just-in-case” inventory management bears implications for working capital and requires distributors to adapt.

Online ExclusiveSupply Chain PerspectivesKathy Fulton, Executive Director, American Logistics Aid Network

Is There a Logistics Professional in the House?

When bad things happen, the first people we think of as being essential are doctors...and nurses, firefighters, or other types of first responders. And yet, the list is not complete. Consider the capabilities and assets that logistics professionals bring to the table, especially during times like hurricane season.

Online ExclusiveSupply Chain TechnologyDevon Copley, Founder and CEO, Avatour

5 Benefits of Remote Collaboration for Logistics Leaders

Leaders in logistics can benefit from remote collaboration because it allows them to tap into a wider range of industry experts and connect more easily to their end customers.

Brian C. Gaffney

Viewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain AnalysisBrian C. Gaffney

Driver Shortage: Don't Fall For It

When a provider gives you the excuse that the driver shortage is causing all your supply chain woes, don’t fall for it.


Ten Tips

Optimizing the Last Mile

Businesses can address the challenges of the last mile with technology, along with these directives.


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