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Douglas Braun

BluJay’s vision is to become the world’s premier Global Trade Network destination. We believe that future success in global trade requires transforming to a new strategy that moves companies from a traditional siloed, linear, functionally optimized supply chain logistics model to a modern, Global Trade Network model.

Today we bring a vast array of supply chain and global trade capabilities that cannot be found anywhere else, combined with 40,000+ connected partners. Our vision is to extend our lead by creating a platform that is incredibly nimble and has near-universal access with all of your supply chain partners, with a heavy emphasis on systems that help support our customers.

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BluJay Solutions delivers supply chain software and services to the world’s most progressive retailers, distributors, freight forwarders, manufacturers, and logistics service providers.

We are transforming the logistics of supply chain with the BluJay Global Trade Network, and a demonstrated commitment to customer success.

UNLOCK THE POWER OF THE NETWORK, with access to more than 40,000 universally connected partners. Supply chain management becomes a strategic competitive asset.

TRANSFORM YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN ECONOMICS for disruptive advantage in global trade. Fuel the top line and improve the bottom line.

ACHIEVE GREATER VELOCITY of global trade. Operate at the speed of business, even in the face of dynamic market forces and fluctuations in customer demand.

SEE BEYOND THE HORIZON to optimize your future in the global economy, with true end-to-end collaborative visibility to know how, when, and why your world is changing.

The BluJay Global Trade Network is a fundamentally new model that goes beyond automation to harness the full power of the global supply chain ecosystem. At the heart of this powerful network is BluJay’s comprehensive and integrated portfolio of logistics applications, analytics, and services, all delivered through a scalable, single instance multi-tenant cloud.

With rich domain expertise in all areas vital to global trade – transportation, parcel, freight forwarding, warehouse, customs and compliance – along with four decades of experience, BluJay is the trusted choice of over 7,500 customers in more than 100 countries.

Our integrated solutions are grouped into five core product families by functionality, along with services:

  • Transportation GTN: Transportation Management, Parcel, Transportation Management for Forwarders, Fleet Management, Yard Management, BluDex
  • Warehouse GTN: Warehouse Management, Yard Management
  • Compliance GTN: Customs Management, Compliance Solutions
  • Commerce GTN: Commerce
  • Network GTN: Control Tower, MessageBroker, MobileSTAR, Carrier Network, Actionable Intelligence
  • LaaS GTN: Logistics as a Service

Customer success is the standard by which BluJay measures success. Over 1,000 motivated employees worldwide are committed to delivering on this promise.

BluJay Solutions