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Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Ann Drake
CEO, DSC Logistics Founder, AWESOME

DSC LOGISTICS is a leader in transforming logistics and supply chain management into a critical business strategy based on collaborative partnerships, innovative thinking and highperformance operations.

DSC is the Founding Partner of AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply chain Operations, Management, and Education), and is planning its Annual Symposium May 9-11 in Orlando. Learn more at

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It’s always been about leadership at DSC Logistics – dynamic supply chain leadership. We are passionate about achieving our customers’ business goals and maximizing the potential of their supply chains.

Here’s how we do it:

Partnerships. Our partnership process and framework provide a joint system which enables the dialogue, planning and process required to leverage the supply chain as a powerful medium to reach business objectives.

Our Promise. We uphold high standards of integrity, responsibility and accountability, based on open communication, collaboration and trust.

Bringing Clarity to Complexity. With the availability of more data than ever before, many companies are in a state of information overload. DSC transforms supply chain details into tangible, guiding insights. We think holistically; every solution has our customers’ broader goals and the end customer in mind. We discern and extract the critical details from the complicated information to create simple, sophisticated, straightforward solutions.

Knowing Earlier, Solving Faster. Fast-paced advancements in technology, consumer demand trends and regulatory requirements make it imperative to anticipate change, assess options accurately and adapt quickly. We leverage business intelligence and analytics to translate the patterns and possibilities, helping our customers assess, predict and preempt change. Our insights enable our customers to mitigate risk, be out in front and gain competitive advantage.

We Are Ready for Anything. Our business is based on a foundation built for flexibility; our systems and networks are modular and quickly adaptable. We recruit and develop leaders who are cross-functional and flexible. When it’s time to grow and change, we’re poised to take action.

Strategic Transformation. Transformation is more than just changing; it’s evolving to an improved state. Think metamorphosis – a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Transformation inspires us to innovate, to improve, to challenge mediocrity. Strategic transformation of our businesses is essential to competitiveness, and dynamic supply chain leadership makes transformation possible.

DSC Logistics
1750 South Wolf Road
Des Plaines, IL 60018