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Bill Goodgion

About Ascent 

Ascent Global Logistics delivers elite solutions designed to help our client partners optimize logistics performance, maintain their competitive advantage and strengthen their core businesses. As a full-service global logistics partner, Ascent is focused on providing clients with innovative technology, customized solutions and highly individualized service. No matter what challenges our clients face, we are committed to helping them grow while supporting them throughout the journey to peak logistics performance.

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Ascent Global Logistics is focused on going above and beyond to optimize clients’ logistics performance and accelerate growth. In today’s dynamic marketplace, Ascent understands one-size-fits-all solutions won’t step up to the challenges our clients face in a very real way, each and every day. That’s why Ascent is committed to providing custom programs with highly individualized service to ensure the optimal solution, regardless of the challenge or situation.

Between the ongoing global trade war, IMO 2020 and the ability to procure truck capacity and rates in a volatile market, the challenges on the horizon in this new decade are not slowing down. Our team of deeply experienced logistics professionals has the knowledge and the dedication that will help our clients navigate these types of uncertainties. With our transparent approach to service, we keep clients informed and educated, while also providing them with tools to better plan and manage their businesses through whatever challenges may arise.

Technology Beyond Logistics

At Ascent, we believe in combining our people’s knowledge with powerful technology to deliver a seamless and intuitive experience. We have made significant investments—and plan to continue those investments throughout 2020—in a series of enhancements to our client technology, PEAK™. This will enable us to provide clients with a multimodal technology platform that simplifies how clients, carriers and agents interact with us. This robust tool will also help our clients manage activities deeper in their supply chains.

At Ascent, we realize it is no longer enough to inform clients of a shipment’s location or provide past reports. The best 3PL partners are able to give clients insights into their businesses that will assist with a better understanding of what may happen in the future, and that is precisely what we deliver through PEAK™.

Our Biggest Investment  —  Our People

While technology is critical, it becomes less and less valuable without skilled, experienced people behind it. That’s why at Ascent, we invest in and empower our people to help our clients streamline their supply chain, strengthen their core businesses and achieve peak logistics performance.

That emphasis on the people-quotient is not just something we talk about. It is our defining difference and the way that we at Ascent will continue to distinguish our elite brand of partnership, into the new year, the new decade and beyond.

Ascent Global Logistics
1431 Opus Place, Suite 530
Downers Grove, IL 60515