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Ed Bowersox
CEO, DSC Logistics

Sung Yup Suh
Deputy CEO, DSC Logistics

DSC Logistics, a CJ Logistics Company

DSC provides dynamic supply chain leadership for customers based on collaborative partnerships, innovative solutions and high-performance operations.

CJ Logistics
The Global SCM Innovator

We have joined with CJ Logistics, accelerating our transformation strategy to deliver customer value in new and expanded ways.

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At DSC Logistics, we combine innovative solutions, collaborative partnerships and high-performance operations to unlock the potential of your supply chain. We’ve joined with CJ Logistics, The Global SCM Innovator, creating an integrated global network with expanded capabilities.

Integrated Global Solutions

End-to-end visibility across a global network fuels innovation and optimization potential.

TES (Technology, Engineering, Systems & Solutions)

Designing both for today and the supply chain of the future, our solutions feature network simulation, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, big data, internet of things (IoT), advanced material handling equipment, autonomous vehicles, conveyor systems and robotics.

Transportation Solutions

Our expertise and tools help customers explore scenarios, predict events, identify opportunities and optimize networks. Freight forwarding, asset-based and cross border transportation services can be integrated with our managed transportation and warehousing services.

Logistics Center Management

Known for our large-scale, long-term and high-performing warehouse operations, we provide customized logistics centers with a wide range of size and complexity, and have expertise in highly regulated industries and environments.

Supply Chain Packaging Services

Our solutions include in-network co-packing, production lines, repacking, returns and specialized packaging. We help customers preserve resources and protect product by performing packaging services within their own warehouses and networks.

Supply Chain Consulting

We provide a variety of consulting services with expertise in supply chain analytics, network modeling, engineering, technology and operations. Our experience serving leading global companies across a variety of industries enables the insightful advancement of leading practices. Our practitioner advantage ensures feasible, actionable solutions that we stand behind.

Learn more about our strategic solutions and how they can strengthen your supply chain:

DSC Logistics
1750 South Wolf Road
Des Plaines, IL 60018