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Michael Manzione
President & CEO

Rakuten Super Logistics’ (RSL) mission is to empower e-commerce retailers to compete with any online retailer in the world.

RSL guarantees 100% order fulfillment accuracy and next-day shipments, providing the reliability e-commerce retailers need to grow their business.

RSL works with e-commerce retailers to determine where product should be located in order to get the lowest shipping rates.

Since 2001, RSL has evolved alongside the online seller, but the values have remained constant. RSL remains committed to complete transparency in operations and with responsive U.S.-based in-house client support.

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Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) is the definitive e-commerce fulfillment company committed to providing the best e-commerce fulfillment services worldwide. Founded in 2001 as Webgistix and acquired by Rakuten in 2013, RSL has a long history of order fulfillment experience. RSL currently operates 15 order fulfillment facilities in the United States. Each facility is strategically located near major U.S. ports and metropolitan areas. These strategic locations enable RSL to reach 98% of the U.S. within 1.5 ground shipping days.

RSL simplifies the order fulfillment process and empowers e-commerce retailers by providing the tools and resources that allow them to focus on their business. SmartFill, RSL’s cloud-based fulfillment management system, allows online retailers to manage their order fulfillment anytime, and anywhere their business takes them.

SmartFill offers an easy, seamless integration with major shopping carts like Shopify and BigCommerce. SmartFill also provides automatic order importing from numerous marketplaces including, Amazon, and eBay. SmartFill is accessible from any internet-enabled device at any time, including a mobile phone.

Fulfillment data is automatically organized into charts, graphs, and reports that give clients visibility into their e-commerce order fulfillment operations. SmartFill simplifies billing, giving clients the ability to keep track of every fulfillment cost.

RSL also offers SmartFreight, an all-in-one, turnkey freight service designed to provide the most efficient and economical transportation solutions to move and manage freight. SmartFreight’s shipping solutions include domestic and international freight, customs consultation, and customs clearance. Additional SmartFreight features include door-to-door tracking and shipment optimization.

RSL’s combination of infrastructure and technology provides clients a hassle-free fulfillment experience backed by RSL’s signature 100% accuracy guarantee. RSL has an unwavering commitment to helping clients achieve their goals and is a true e-commerce partner. Clients can leverage RSL’s partnerships with major shipping carriers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL, to significantly lower shipping rates. In addition to lower shipping rates, utilizing RSL’s network of 15 order fulfillment centers allows clients to house their inventory closer to their customers — ensuring a faster shipping time.

With nearly 20 years in the order fulfillment business and as part of the Rakuten family, Rakuten Super Logistics is an experienced e-commerce service provider backed by one of the largest and most successful e-commerce companies in the world.

Rakuten Super Logistics
Sales: Jason Chan, VP of Sales and Marketing
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Las Vegas, NV 89119