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Brad Stewart
Chief Commercial Officer

Mission Statement
Rockfarm’s Mission Statement is to lower our clients’ supply chain “cost to serve.” Since our inception, our goal is to deliver visibility of the true cost to serve the market. Whether at the unit or part level, seeing the cost to serve our clients’ customers is at the forefront of our service offerings. As a provider of supply chain services, our focus is on creating workflow automation within transportation management solutions, extending our clients’ logistics team with our truckload fulfillment solutions while delivering market intelligence through our Supply Chain Coach Services.

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Rockfarm is a supply chain services company that delivers a competitive advantage for our clients through our four disciplines: Transportation Management, Truckload Brokerage, Global Forwarding and Supply Chain Consulting. Founded to address supply chain costs through visibility and actionable business intelligence, Rockfarm delivers solutions designed for each of our clients’ specific challenges. Our business model deploys transparency to supply chain cost and the market, triggering real-time analytics to optimize under any market condition.

MercuryGate Integrator

Our roots began as a transportation management company using the MercuryGate TMS to support our clients’ routing and the optimization of their supply chain across all modes. Due to our service model, Rockfarm developed a deep expertise within MercuryGate and now brings to bear that expertise in delivering MercuryGate technology direct to shippers and logistic service providers alike. In addition, our Supply Chain Coach services directly support existing MercuryGate TMS customers to enhance their MercuryGate experience.

Market Intelligence

Today’s supply chain requires real-time visibility to both the order lifecycle and the conditions under which the routing and booking of the shipment occurs. Rockfarm meets those requirements through enhanced visibility of our clients’ customers’ experience and truckload rate intelligence. Truckload rate intelligence accounts for capacity constraints in the market and shipment planning windows to provide identifiable value in the truckload spot market. Our proprietary API Truckload Rate delivers rate digitization to both the contract and spot market, streamlining our clients’ shipment execution process.

Supply Chain Services

Services define our value and Rockfarm delivers value through our technology. Rockfarm client solutions span across many industrial verticals to include food, pharma, hospitality, heavy industrial and others. Whether your supply chain needs are domestic or global, Rockfarm’s suite of services and technology applications can provide the requirements to compete in today’s competitive market. As your coach, our market insights, suite of technology and the Rockfarm team are your gateway to improving your bottom line.

Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions
300 Data Ct.
Dubuque, IA 52003