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Family Values – Exceptional Performance

The Wagners developed the company on the principle that every customer is a big deal. Our team provides precise solutions to fit each customer’s needs at the speed our customers require.

Wagner is driving forward by providing exceptional performance from startup as the industry continues to adapt to customer buying habits. We are eager to tackle your most complex supply chain challenges Whatever it is, whatever it takes – we say, “Bring It.”

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The Wagner Way

Wagner Logistics started servicing customers’ needs in 1946 and is now a premier, full-scale North American 3PL. For 74 years, Wagner has placed customer service at the cornerstone of our actions, we know every customer is a big deal. Our ability to listen and react in a swift, calculated manner gives our customers the peace of mind knowing Wagner will get it done. By investing in systems and innovative thinking, we deliver better results than our competitors.

The company remains dynamic by being nimble when competitors cannot. We began by servicing customers’ transportation needs and now offer contract warehousing, robust fulfillment, network analysis and top-notch transportation services. We staff customer service heavily in our business models to ensure a culture of providing exceptional performance to our customers. We are known for superior inventory management, sourcing competitively priced facilities and delivering freight better than other providers, even in toughest of freight markets.

Our customers guide our development into new geographic markets, technological advances and everchanging distribution challenges. Where do you want to be? We’ll take you there!

Dynamic Transportation Services

Customers have trusted Wagner to deliver critical freight for over 70 years. Many companies offer freight solutions and only perform when it benefits their bottom line. We understand that when a promise is made, we must perform. That drive is the reason midsized to Fortune 100 companies bring thousands of shipments to our team. Wagner Logistics will work through the tough freight issues rather than just taking the low hanging fruit. We even haul freight to consignees that fine for late delivery because we know how to make it on time.

We deploy assets when consistent volume demands consistent capacity. Our area of focus for our asset drivers is within a 100- mile radius of our customers’ operations, we can provide a complete freight management solution to fit your needs. On top of our world class freight solutions, we also have a phenomenal parcel program in place for all of your small shipment needs.

Contract Warehousing

We serve our customers with over 10 million square feet spanning from California to Florida. Customers rely on our expertise in network analysis and facility placement to consolidate operations and maximize savings. Did you know Wagner’s CEO started out his career as an engineer? We bring a solutions focused mindset to the table when planning a new operation or improving a current operation.

Wagner understands how to transition your distribution operation when others are failing. We know how to take you into a new market with flawless execution. Our start-up team is fast, precise and knows how to avoid the road blocks. Coast-to-Coast, we have you covered.


Ecommerce has changed distribution and internet shopping has forever changed customer expectations. Wagner Logistics opened our fulfillment operation over 25 years ago. Wagner worked out the kinks years ago and was ready when the ecommerce changes hit. Our strategically located fulfillment operations in the heartland allow our customers to reach over 86% of the continental US in 2 days with ease. Now more than ever customers are ordering products online. Wagner can provide you a multichannel ecommerce fulfillment center so you can focus on your core competencies while Wagner handles your fulfillment.

If there is anything we can do for you, as we say at Wagner...Bring It!

Wagner Logistics
1201 E. 12th Avenue
North Kansas City, MO 64116

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