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Robert Kriewaldt
Senior Vice President

Mission Statement Strategic Real Estate. Applied Technology. Tailored Service. Creativity. Flexibility. These fundamentals reflect everything we do at Phoenix Logistics. We provide specialized support in locating and attaining the correct logistics solutions for every client we serve. Most logistic competitors work to win 3PL contracts, and then attempt to secure the real estate to support it. As an affiliate of giant industrial real estate firm Phoenix Investors, we can quickly secure real estate solutions across its portfolio or leverage its market and financial strength to quickly source and acquire real estate to meet our client’s need.

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Phoenix Logistics entered the third-party logistics space in 2017 as an affiliate of Phoenix Investors, a well-known commercial real estate firm that has been in operation since 1994. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we provide a broad range of logistics solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer.

We operate on principles of continuous operational improvement and aggressive technology investment, ensuring that we can always provide the most advanced end-to-end supply chain support to our clients, including:

  • Real estate. Warehousing capacity in the United States is tighter than ever before. Shippers need to pair up with logistics partners who offer creative and effective solutions for reaching key markets. In conjunction with our affiliate Phoenix Investors, we maintain approximately 40 million square feet of industrial, retail, and office space spanning 25 states. We are constantly expanding this footprint by restoring underutilized properties for industrial use.
  • Transportation management. From freight brokerage to vendor management, we can operate as a lead logistics partner to help you optimize all inbound and outbound shipments at your facility. Our extensive network of carrier partners enables us to offer highly competitive rates on shipments ranging from raw materials to finished goods.
  • Distribution and fulfillment. Our experienced staff will help you build, operate, and maintain an efficient and cost-effective distribution network powered by advanced warehouse management systems and other supply chain technologies that reduce costs, eliminate operational waste, and optimize labor. Our rapid response team can also respond to emergency situations by finding, staffing, and opening critical space in weeks instead of months.
  • Big data. Through advanced WMS, EDI, transportation and distribution management solutions, and much more, Phoenix is focused on offering logistics solutions driven by informed decision-making. We will help you analyze your pool of data to identify pain points and risks, then help you create realistic plans to optimize your supply chain.
  • Acquisitions. Phoenix Logistics and Phoenix Investors have an established history of making fair deals that benefit the seller. If we purchase your real estate assets or your entire logistics business, you can rest assured that we will continue to invest in the acquisition and make a positive impact in the community surrounding it.

Logistical support spans these functions and more, so it’s critical to find a 3PL that can identify and implement the best possible solutions for your operation. The team at Phoenix Logistics is ready to help.

Phoenix Logistics
401 E. Kilbourn Ave. #201
Milwaukee, WI 53202