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U.S. Bank Transportation Payment Solutions

Jeff Pape
General Manager, Head of Transportation

We go the distance

No matter what role you play in managing a successful supply chain, or a large fleet, you count on reliable partners and visibility into critical data to make informed decisions. Depend on the strength and experience of U.S. Bank to provide the payment integrity, efficiency and security only a bank can provide.

U.S. Bank Freight Payment

Get the reliability and visibility you need to make your supply chain a strategic advantage. U.S. Bank Freight Payment is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline freight invoice audit and payment processes at every mile through:

  • 100% pre-payment audit to uncover savings
  • Enhancing working capital while providing carriers timely, predictable payment
  • Collaborative, web-based tools to reduce errors and resolve exceptions quickly
  • Freight analytics tools and services that turn raw data into smart decisions

U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Program

Managing fleet expenses and payments can be a major challenge—especially if you don’t have the right solutions. The Voyager Fleet Program enhances driver efficiency and reduces costs while supporting data integrity and preventing fraud and misuse.

We offer:

  • Convenience: Accepted on both the Voyager and Mastercard networks, including remote locations, Canada and Mexico
  • Control: Manage purchase behavior to avoid surprises, and let data drive your fleet’s success
  • Cost savings: Gain meaningful business intelligence to optimize processes and savings
  • Customer service: Available 24 hours a day, whether you’re in the office or on the road

U.S. Bank Transportation Payment Solutions