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Akro-Mils is a leading manufacturer of plastic and metal storage, organization, transport and material handling products designed to improve inventory control and productivity in any setting — including industrial, medical, commercial, and consumer. As the industry leader, Akro-Mils strives to continually provide customers with innovative, quality products; unsurpassed customer service; and the fastest, most reliable shipping in the industry.

ClearSpan Fabric Structures

ClearSpan Fabric Structures, with corporate offices in South Windsor, Conn., provides design-build solutions for material and bulk storage needs. ClearSpan buildings feature abundant natural light and spacious interiors without internal support posts. With minimal foundation requirements, the structures can be permanent or temporary, and they are easy to relocate. Made in the USA, they can be built to any length and up to 300 feet wide. For more information, please call 1.866.643.1010 or visit


Dematic strives to create benefit you can see — from shorter throughput times to greater service to lower capital lockup in warehouses and distribution centers. That's why "Creating Logistics Results" is our motto. Dematic fulfills this motto through a lean structure that is close to the customer. Dematic's worldwide business is managed by independent regional units that react quickly to your needs, with simultaneous access to our interdisciplinary know-how about integrated solutions, logistics IT, and service. Additional manufacturing sites in Australia and China substantiate the fact that wherever you are, we are.


Eurosort is a recognized industry leader in state-of-the-art technology in Bomb Bay, Push Tray, Cross-Tray and Sweeper sorters. We design and manufacture high-speed unit sortation systems using simple, efficient, space-saving designs at a higher quality, a lower price, and a smaller footprint than other technology on the market. Our proven technology and effective partnerships allow us to remain one of the last independent sortation companies in the industry.


ExpressCube is a low-cost solution for acquiring dimensional weight (cubing) and actual weight of a box or parcel. ExpressCube utilizes passive infrared sensor arrays that provide reliable and accurate measurements of a box. In seconds, ExpressCube collects cube and weight data that can be sent to mainframe or PC hosts (ERP, WMS, TMS, IATA, etc.). This data is commonly used to maximize the use of storage space, make more accurate storage slot assignments, identify proper carton sizes in order picking, determine optimal load planning and pallet stacking configurations, slotting, inventory management, DIM Weight using DIM factor, and calculate dimensional-based freight charges.


Intelligrated is an American-owned supplier of integrated material handling systems, services, controls, and products. Capabilities include engineering, designing, and manufacturing high-speed sortation systems and accumulation conveyors, along with motor-driven roller belted conveyors and live roller conveyors and spirals. The systems are all supported by 24x7 customer service and sales, four regional offices, and an online parts catalog.

Invata Intralogistics

We are experts in the design, implementation, and life cycle support of automation systems for distribution centers, fulfillment centers, 3PLs, and reverse logistics centers. We offer complete intralogistics solutions that begin with in-depth operational analysis and end with fully optimized, purpose-built, turnkey systems. Our warehouse automation solutions incorporate an elegant mix of advanced material handling technology (ASRS, sortation, order fulfillment systems, etc.) and algorithmic-rich warehouse software (WMS, WCS) in scalable, supportable, and financially justifiable configurations.

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Kiva Systems

Kiva Systems' game-changing warehouse automation technology simplifies distribution operations and reduces cost, while increasing strategic flexibility. The Kiva Order Fulfillment System enables fast cycle times with reduced labor requirements by using autonomous mobile robots, movable shelving, and sophisticated control software to revolutionize pick, pack, and ship operations. Kiva automates order fulfillment without unwieldy conveyors -- delivering world-class order accuracy and improved safety. The result is a low-cost operation that is easy to change.

KNAPP Logistics Automation, Inc.

KNAPP Logistics Automation, Inc. is a leading global provider of automated warehouse solutions and warehouse logistics software. Our superior product technology, extensive global experience, and exceptional design capabilities enable our customers to dramatically improve their warehouse and distribution center operations. For manual picking solutions or fully-automatic all-in-one solutions, let KNAPP help you profit from the technologies of tomorrow, today!

Material Handling Industry (MHI)

Material Handling Industry (MHI) is an international trade association that has represented the industry since 1945. MHI members include material handling equipment and systems manufacturers, integrators, third-party logistics providers, consultants, and publishers. The association also sponsors trade events such as ProMat and MODEX to showcase the products and services of its member companies and to educate industry professionals on the industrial productivity solutions provided through material handling logistics.

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Neopost is a manufacturer and marketer of technologically advanced mailing equipment and logistics systems. Using Neopost solutions brings customers significant benefits to their businesses. Customers gain time, save money, facilitate mailing processes, and have web control of proof of deliveries and credit. Visit and find out how Neopost solutions can benefit your business.

Power Automation Systems (PAS)

Power Automation Systems is a leading innovator of automated warehouse products and solutions. A global company with headquarters and manufacturing in northern California, Power Automation Systems maximizes warehouse effectiveness with the world’s most innovative automated warehouse storage solution family, the PowerStor®. The most sustainable option available today, the PowerStor® system optimizes a facility by providing the highest density, highest throughput, and greatest flexibility.


Pro-Line is a leader in modular ergonomic industrial workbenches and workstations. From basic four-leg stations to hand-crank or electric height- adjustable stations to top-of-the-line technical systems, we have it all. Retractable ball transfers, seating, packaging stations, and much more. Since 1979, Pro-Line has offered strength, ergonomic design and esthetics all at an affordable price, many models in stock. Our vast array of in-stock optional accessories makes it easy for you to configure a workstation to fit your needs.


ProGlove builds the smallest, lightest, and toughest barcode scanners in the world, connecting workers to the Internet of Things. This promotes human-machine collaboration and drives the digitization of the shop floor. More than 500 renowned organizations in manufacturing, production, logistics, and retail use these smarter workforce solutions. The World Economic Forum named ProGlove a Technology Pioneer in 2020. More information is available at

Quantronix, Inc.

Quantronix, Inc. manufactures a full line of static and in-motion cubing and weighing systems called CubiScans. These devices utilize laser, infrared light and ultrasonic technology to scan the length/width/height of boxes and other items found in material handling applications. Collected cube and weight data is sent to mainframe or PC hosts (ERP, WMS, TMS, etc.) where the data is commonly used to maximize the use of storage space, make more accurate storage slot assignments, identify proper carton sizes in order picking, determine optimal load planning and pallet stacking configurations, and to calculate dimensional-based freight charges.


Customers have achieved amazing results with Retrotech's intelligent solutions and you can, too. Retrotech specializes in the design, installation, modernization, and support of automated materials handling systems. For more than two decades, we've developed methods, technical expertise, and project management skills that create compelling customer value. To date, our team has executed more than 300 ASRS projects and commissioned over 20 new greenfield systems. Our project experience spans every industry that uses ASRS as part of its distribution strategy. Put Retrotech on your materials handling team today.

S & S Systems, LLC

S & S Systems is a materials handling conveyor system integrator that prides itself on providing customers with professionally designed materials handling systems, incorporating quality components from equipment suppliers that meet or exceed our demanding standards. Each and every system is designed, engineered, and implemented to our customers' complete satisfaction, with S & S Systems providing and maintaining complete service and ongoing support after the sale.

Schaefer Systems International

Schaefer is a major supplier and systems integrator for all types of automated warehousing and distribution systems, including automated/storage retrieval, conveyor integration, picking solutions, software for shop floor control, sorter and pick to voice. We're involved in all aspects of a project, from feasibility studies and cost analysis to design engineering and project management.

Sealed Air

Sealed Air is a leading global provider and manufacturer of a wide range of packaging and performance-based materials and equipment systems that serve food, medical, and an array of industrial and consumer applications. For more than half a century, Sealed Air employees around the globe have applied deep understanding of customers' businesses to deliver innovative packaging solutions. Operating in 51 countries, Sealed Air's widely recognized and respected brands include Bubble Wrap® cushioning, Fill-Air® Inflatable Packaging, Jiffy® protective mailers, and Instapak® foam-in-place systems.

Steel King Industries Inc.

Since 1970, Steel King has earned a national reputation for designing and manufacturing quality material handling solutions at a competitive price. Our products include pallet racks, flow storage systems, cantilever racks, portable racks, and shipping racks, along with industrial steel containers and guard railing. All our products are custom manufactured and assembled to meet your unique needs and specifications. For more information, please visit

Storage Solutions, Inc.

Founded in 1978, Storage Solutions has become the nation's leading provider of industrial storage and materials handling equipment. The company offers a complete spectrum of services -- from design, to sales of new and used equipment, to professional installation, and even buy-back of your old equipment. In 2007, Storage Solutions supplied and installed more than 10 million square feet of rack systems. Warehouse sizes ranged from 2,000 to two million square feet. Its crews have installed equipment in 38 U.S. states, as well as in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. What can Storage Solutions help you with today?


Swisslog is a global provider of integrated logistics solutions for warehouses and distribution centers. Our comprehensive services portfolio ranges from building complex warehouses and distribution centers to implementing Swisslog's supply chain execution software (WMS, WCS). Swisslog's solutions optimize customers' production, logistics and distribution processes in order to increase flexibility, responsiveness and quality of service while minimizing logistics costs.

United Sortation Solutions

United Sortation Solutions (USS) creates innovative sortation and conveying solutions for your toughest material handling challenges. We specialize in vertical applications with Vertical Reciprocating and Vertical Continuous Lifts for tight footprint applications. USS offers customized tote and carton stackers and destackers with automated cart loaders and unloaders for all item sizes. Providing thousands of vertical products to USPS and commercial clients has given USS invaluable experience designing and delivering robust equipment for your specific application.

W&H Systems, Inc.

W&H Systems, Inc. is a leading material handling systems integrator, providing space and personnel productivity improvements through innovative, ergonomic, ROI-centric designs in our application of automation. We are one of the true engineering integration firms that have all the disciplines in-house. Capabilities include: systems analysis, design, simulation, engineering, controls and software, installation, commissioning, and post-sales support. Let W&H Systems provide you with the optimal material handling solution, cost-effective equipment, a flawless installation, and the support you deserve. We deliver what we promise. That is why more than 60 percent of our business annually is from repeat clients.

Westfalia Technologies

Westfalia Technologies is a leader in providing logistics solutions for plants, warehouses and distribution centers. Our expertise combining software (WMS) development with automated equipment manufacturing reveals Westfalia's ability to deliver turn-key solutions to meet each client's specific needs with unsurpassed quality and control. To learn more about Westfalia's products, including Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS, and Savanna.NET; Warehouse Management Systems, visit

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