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Cargo Intelligence

Exporters, importers, freight forwarders and other supply chain parties’ utilization of the Cargo Intelligence platform achieves visibility for each party of the supply chain through collaboration. Control Tower Logistics allows for automation via key integration points between all trade partners to provide collaboration and transparency throughout the supply chain shipment cycle. Cargo Intelligence’s ability to perform advanced data capture throughout the supply chain naturally incorporates the characteristics of Control Tower Logistics. The blend of these characteristics benefits exports, importers and all parties along the supply chain.

ClearTrack Information Network

ClearTrack operates a global cloud-based business network and collaboration platform for supply chain management software enabling the global sourcing of goods, management of supplier and product compliance, logistics collaboration and visibility and the sourcing of ocean and domestic freight. ClearTrack’s configurable software solutions and services connect over 26,000 suppliers, factories, service providers and shippers to improve the flow of goods, reduce costs and minimize risk every day. Contact us to learn how ClearTrack can help you transform the management of your multi-enterprise supply chain.

Compliance Networks

Compliance Networks' retail-centric solutions optimize supply chain flow by automating key processes including: vendor compliance and collaboration, scorecards and certification, chargeback management, purchase order fill rate and accuracy measurement, and supply chain alerts. This enables greater supply chain efficiencies. Compliance Networks provides better business intelligence so retailers can make informed decisions and collaborate with suppliers to increase vendor compliance and directly improve the bottom line. Compliance Networks offers a no-risk approach to recovering lost profits in as little as 120 days.


MacroPoint offers an unique logistics tracking solution for freight transported by third parties. Its patented logistics software transforms any operators’ pre-existing cell phone, smartphone, or in-cab device into an automated location tracking system capable of tracking any load, anywhere, anytime. Today, MacroPoint’s software tracks more than 500,000 drivers across North America and is used by more than 6,000 trucking companies and other third-party logistics providers to provide complete supply chain visibility.


RateLinx delivers all your logistics data in one cloud-based platform with accurate data, advanced analytics, and reports to power visibility across orders, tracking, and invoices. The PayLinx module uses AI-driven data quality to enable freight spend control and real-time visibility, eliminating exceptions, and rate tolerances. Improve decision making and carrier partnerships with PayLinx. Accelerate your supply chain and connect with other RateLinx modules to maximize your visibility and savings.


SMC3 – the leading provider of freight transportation technology data and solutions – delivers the only integrated suite of intelligent technology data solutions geared toward the less than truckload and truckload industries. As an leader in both transportation software innovation and supply chain education, more than 5,000 North American shippers, carriers, logistics service providers and freight-payment companies rely on SMC3’s sophisticated LTL base rates, content, and expert bidding tools to make the best business decisions, achieve higher returns on their transportation investments, and meet the dynamic demands of the market.

SWIVEL Software

Empowering Digital Logistics - SWIVEL Software makes it easier for importers/exporters and freight forwarders to do business together with its software solutions - PO Management, Logistics Control Tower, WMS, and Forwarder ERP system.


Transplace is the leading provider of transportation management services and logistics technology, helping manufacturers, retailers and distributors optimize supply chain operations and increase financial performance. Offering a complete suite of transportation management, strategic capacity, and cross-border & global trade services, Transplace’s customizable logistics solutions and best-in-class technology give businesses greater control of their transportation operations and enhanced visibility of shipments and overall supply chain performance.