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Category: Transportation Mgmt/Freight Mgmt

Procurement Without the Guesswork

Also listed in: Logistics IT

Meeting complex shipping needs in a freight market defined by unrelenting instability ushers in a lot of uncertainty, especially when it comes to your transportation budgets. Historically, most shippers use a few different methods, attempting to crack the code and stay current with freight market trends. Unfortunately, today’s pandemic driven climate has exposed drawbacks in most commonly used strategies. Fortunately, DAT recently acquired FMIC—formerly part of Chainalytics—and created a new service that solves for all the shortcomings of previous tactics, giving you a current 360° view of today's freight market, as well as a look at tomorrow’s.

Four Ways Digital Freight Networks Improve Shipping

Also listed in: Logistics IT

From fluctuating demand to uncertain capacity, 2020 has been a doozy of a year for shippers. Small and midsize businesses have been hit especially hard, with transportation teams scrambling to find new ways to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer experience in the ‘new normal’. Download the whitepaper to learn the four ways that digital freight networks are helping small and midsize businesses weather market volatility and improve freight logistics.

Top ways freight technology will cut costs in 2021

Also listed in: Logistics IT

In the face of growing e-commerce activity and an uncertain economy, shippers are turning to advanced technology to guarantee a smooth customer experience and reduce costs. This white paper outlines technologies and services that will have a big impact on shipping businesses in 2021 and beyond.

Business Continuity in the Age of COVID-19 Requires an Enterprise Approach to Home Office Shipping

Also listed in: Shipping Software, TMS

The COVID-19 crisis has businesses struggling as employees transition to working from home. Instead of managing four offices, companies must now manage 4,000. Lacking a centralized mailroom, employees are forced to improvise when sending materials to customers, prospects, and other employees. This e-ook shows how a cloud-based multi-carrier management solution maintains centralized control while giving employees tools to ship efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely from home offices. Download now.

Unlocking Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Savings in the Southeast

Also listed in: 3PL, Trucking-LTL

Check out this eBook offering insights & strategies for managing the complexities of #LTL freight throughout the #Southeast. Learn how to match capacity to cost, measure LTL shipping success and more. #Florida #logistics

Data, Data, Data: How do I harness it? 

Also listed in: Logistics IT, Supply Chain Mgmt/Optimization

While every shipper understands the importance of data, supply chains can struggle to read and action the insights, even if the information lives in-house. Data management may seem simple, but there are pitfalls to avoid. If a shipper harnesses their data properly, the business can leverage metrics to optimize for reliable capacity and lower operational costs. Data, Data, Data: How do I harness it? will explore the magic of data analysis.

The Master List of Accessorials for Shippers

Also listed in: 3PL, Trucking

To help cover all your bases, FLS Transportation Services together this Master List of Accessorial Charges. It covers the 28 fees every shipper must address before tendering loads. Avoid unnecessary freight costs and strengthen carrier relationships.

Also from FLS Transportation:

The New Economics of Freight Brokerage

Also listed in: Freight Forwarding, Trucking

Defining the new economics of #freightbrokerage. With the swings in capacity, availability and rates of today’s freight brokerage, this whitepaper sets out to better define the #truckload marketplace, carriers and their assets and the role of technology and data in the new economics of freightbrokerage

Hub Group Keeps You Ahead of the Pack During Peak Season

Also listed in: Transportation, Trucking

Some shippers cringe at the mere thought of peak season, and it’s no wonder why: Retailers and CPG manufacturers have a lot riding on peak running smoothly. Find out steps to take with your providers before and during peak to be ready for surges and minimize costs. Download now.

The Ultimate RFP Checklist for Shippers

Also listed in: Transportation, Trucking

Hey Shippers! Learn how to find the right freight partners, download The Ultimate RFP Checklist. It's your ticket to managing bids, awarding lanes & reducing costs. 

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