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Xavier Garijo

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Expect more with CHEP

  • CHEP is the leading global provider of shared, repaired, and reused platforms—helping connect people with life’s essentials every day
  • Trusted by top brands worldwide, CHEP is dedicated to customer-led innovation and delivering a positive impact in the supply network
  • By partnering with CHEP, you become part of the world’s largest circular economy network, which makes you more sustainable and helps meet your ESG goals
  • To ensure your goods withstand the rigors of transport and arrive shelf-ready, CHEP rigorously tests product and packaging performance at its ISTA-certified Innovation Center
  • To help you find greater efficiency and illuminate the dark areas in your supply network, CHEP is exploring and testing data-driven solutions


CHEP helps move more goods to more people, in more places than any other organization on earth.

Its pallets, crates, and containers form the invisible backbone of the global supply chain and the world’s biggest brands trust CHEP to help them transport their goods more efficiently, sustainably, and safely.

CHEP created one of the world’s most sustainable logistics businesses through the share, repair, and reuse of its platforms under a model known as ‘pooling’ and primarily serves the fast-moving consumer goods (e.g. dry food, grocery, and health and personal care), fresh produce, beverage, retail, and general manufacturing industries.

CHEP employs approximately 11,500 people and believes in the power of collective intelligence through diversity, inclusion, and teamwork.

CHEP owns approximately 353 million pallets, crates, and containers through a network of more than 750 service centers. As part of the Brambles Group, CHEP operates in 60 countries with its largest operations in North America and Western Europe.

Let’s Work Together

Leveraging our end-to-end supply chain visibility, CHEP recognizes common, industry-wide challenges and has the expertise to collaboratively overcome them.

Discover how we can work together to create smart, cost-effective supply chain solutions for your business at

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