Claude Pumilia

Claude Pumilia

President & CEO

DAT Freight & Analytics has provided the most accurate insights into truckload markets since 1978. With the deepest and broadest data in the industry and the largest on-demand freight marketplace in North America, DAT is the source for market trends and data insights for shippers, brokers, carriers, media and industry analysts alike.

“At DAT, we exist to remove the uncertainty from freight with cutting-edge technology, data analysis and unrivaled intelligence. We’ve seen unprecedented pressure on the industry and are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers during this difficult period. We aim to be a partner to the industry, and have our data provide a level of certainty during these otherwise volatile times.”

  – Claude Pumilia, President & CEO


DAT Freight & Analytics removes uncertainty from transportation and logistics. As North America’s largest on-demand freight marketplace, DAT sits at the intersection of commerce and fuels the movement of freight through data and automation.

DAT iQ provides transportation analytics that reduce costs, increase efficiency and profitability, and enable shippers to take charge of their logistics network. DAT iQ’s rate and capacity analytics, performance benchmarks, custom reporting, and APIs are powered by the most comprehensive, accurate data in the industry.

In 2021, DAT databases encompassed $125B in annual freight spend. Since the platform’s inception, DAT iQ includes over half a trillion in freight spend data.

Rateview provides the going rate on virtually every truckload lane and equipment type in U.S. and Canada by mode (dry van, flatbed, temperature-controlled). 3-day rate averages and 13-month rate histories are available at the 3-digit ZIP level.

Ratecast delivers 7-day and 52-week rate predictions with 95% accuracy across 7 million daily predictions. Market Conditions Index (MCI) provides a weighted truckload capacity index by regional market for the current day and the previous week and month, as well as forecasts for the coming week.

Benchmark Analytics delivers insights on transportation performance throughout a shipper’s entire network. Benchmark Analytics provides North America rate insights aligned with specific freight characteristics (e.g. hazmat, expedited, multi-stop, inbound vs. outbound, etc.), and compares them to market benchmark spot and contract rates for truckload and LTL.

Fine-grained segmentation by lane, region, carrier, length of haul, and more allow transportation teams to drill into specific network issues for root cause analysis.

With DAT iQ, transportation and logistics teams can create flexible routing guides, manage costs, develop a robust carrier portfolio, and achieve the operational agility needed to stay ahead of the market and navigate volatility with confidence.

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