DF Young

A. Wesley Wyatt
President and CEO
Mission Statement:

DF Young’s mission is to always look at our clients’ world through fresh eyes. With a strong commitment to our own staff that inspires creative solutions to international logistics, we set the stage for superior customer service that removes obstacles, builds trust and makes our customers’ world more manageable.

DF Young Services
  • Air Services
  • Ocean Services
  • Ground Transportation
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Security Management
  • Documentation
  • E-Business

Steve Giampapa
Vice President of Operations
[email protected]

DF Young

DF Young brings over 100 years of experience and creative thinking to integrated logistics services and complete supply chain management. Our specialized business units:


For 85 years we’ve served automotive manufacturers in NA, SA, Europe, Japan and Australia, and work closely with the largest Ro/Ro carriers. Full Electronic Interface capabilities and ISO Registration. Services are geared to:

  • Prototype and exhibition vehicle shipments
  • Fully and semi-knocked-down shipments
  • Built-up vehicle shipments

Commercial Goods

Full front- and back-end services support multi-national manufacturers, international distributors, retailers and wholesalers. Includes Ocean/Air Import and Export and Import Customs Brokerage.

Front-End Services:
  • Import/Export flow and distribution
  • Quality Assurance program
Back-End Services:
  • Vendor direct inventory
  • Reverse logistics
  • Store setup and fixtures
Supply Chain Services:
  • Sole-source provider
  • Just-in-time pick/deliver
  • Real-time tracking
  • Simplified, competitive pricing
  • Consultation services
  • Full logistics services
  • Total Quality Assurance
  • Performance metrics/reports

Food/Humanitarian Aid

As one of the world’s oldest companies providing this vital global service, we work closely with international relief and U.S. Government agencies. We provide computer recordkeeping, documentation and complete logistics solutions.

Foreign Military Service

As a key logistics and shipping resource for Foreign Military Sales (FMS) since the inception of the U.S. Government Security Assistance Program, we provide full service support to participating foreign countries for all material handling and shipping.

Services include:
  • Air and ocean freight shipping and/or charters
  • Export licensing, documentation and packing
  • Explosives call forward
  • HazMat processing
  • Inland freight services
  • Repair/return processing
  • Materials tracking/tracing


DF Young handles the distribution of oil well supplies and project cargoes that are purchased and shipped to major petrochemical manufacturers worldwide.

Services include:
  • Charters
  • Contract management
  • Purchase order fulfillment
  • Documentation
  • Online reporting
  • General and project cargo
  • Hazardous materials
  • Air, ocean, land and rail transportation

Pharmaceutical Sample Distribution

DF Young maintains a Dedicated Pharmaceutical Division with highly trained operations and customer service teams specializing in the pharmaceutical industry. They provide a significant cold chain and launch experience.

Services include:
  • PDMA compliance
  • Pharma-specific packaging, labeling and transportation
  • Convenient, time-specific delivery windows
  • Field inventory transfers
  • Agent service center providing real-time status updates
  • Customized reporting for all service and financial requirements
  • Cold chain warehousing and storage
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