Coby Nilsson

Coby Nilsson

CEO & Co-Founder

Enveyo’s mission is simple — enable businesses to make business-transforming shipping decisions by leveraging comprehensive data and integrated systems. 3PLs and shippers of all sizes move their logistics operations forward through Enveyo’s data-driven technology. With access to accurate, real-time, comprehensive data, organizations can turn their shipping costs into a competitive advantage.

“The key to logistics optimization is rooted in data. With robust data management and flexible technology, organizations can trust the decisions they’re making because they’re proven by data.”

– Coby Nilsson, Enveyo CEO & Co-Founder


Enveyo is the leading provider of logistics data management, visibility, and shipping optimization software, helping shippers of all sizes move their logistics forward through data-driven technology.

From shipment analytics and automated carrier selection to post-purchase delivery experience management and freight auditing, Enveyo is the only suite deploying solutions across the logistics lifecycle.

Powered by a robust, enterprise data management platform, Enveyo Insights, Modeling, Cloudroute, Alerting, and Audit solutions enable leading shippers and 3PLs to make business-transforming shipping decisions and drive their logistics operations forward.

✓ Gain Flexibility

✓ Reduce Transportation Spend

✓ Increase Logistics Visibility

✓ Enhance the Customer Experience

✓ Trust Your Shipping Decisions


Move Your Logistics Forward With Data-Driven Technology:


  • Logistics analytics & reporting software
  • Out-of-the box and customizable dashboards
  • Identify shipment trends, costs, and opportunities


  • Predictive analytics software
  • Identify outcomes to future scenarios
  • Compare carrier agreements for contract negotiations


  • Multi-Carrier Transportation Management System (TMS)
  • Dynamic rulesets for carrier and service selection
  • Automatic and carrier-compliant label creation


  • Delivery experience management software
  • Real-time delivery alerts across key milestones of every package
  • Increase brand loyalty through customized, end-consumer messaging


  • Parcel and freight audit software
  • Automatically monitor every variable on every shipment
  • Hold carriers accountable and recover revenue
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