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Philippe Gautrin

Philippe Gautrin


At Generix Group North America, we have been developing and implementing best-of-breed supply chain execution solutions since 1997—including our highly flexible Solochain WMS. We help our clients keep their customer commitments by supporting them in the digital transformation of their supply chains.

We believe in innovation, knowledge, leadership, and integrity. Our driven and dedicated team of executives, business analysts, software and logistics engineers has a singular mission: provide the best supply chain execution solutions that create real, tangible, and value-enhancing benefits for our customers.

Generix Group North America

Generix Group North America is a division of the Generix Group SA, a global expert in collaborative supply chains that develops and implements advanced supply chain execution solutions. With implementation sites spanning the globe, and a global team of 600+ experts, they have helped more than 6,000 clients in manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and third-party logistics profitably grow their supply chain operations for more than 20 years.

Supporting Agile Supply Chains

Generix Group North America provides a series of solutions within our Supply Chain Hub to create efficiencies across the entire supply chain. From Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), to Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and more, our software platforms can deliver a wide range of benefits that vastly improve your warehouse bottom line.

Our Supply Chain Hub enables companies to execute the physical flow of goods and digitize the flow of information, easily connecting to ERP, WES, and other internal systems. Our clients include many small, medium, and large-scale operations in North America and Europe including Brock Supply, Blue Streak Electronics, Marucci Sports, Danone, Domino’s Pizza, and many others.

Solochain WMS, our advanced Warehouse Management System, is a highly flexible and adaptive solution built for companies that need their supply chains to be nimble, efficient, and scaling, while ensuring execution excellence. Solochain’s ease of configuration and customization, including built-in MES functionality, is praised by customers with multi-channel needs. Solochain WMS is listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems and has been performing in more than 500 warehouses across North America.

Does your company need to track and trace inventory, as well as manage your workforce, with real-time visibility, while automating increasing workflow throughput with advanced business rules? Could you benefit from increased picking productivity, exceptional inventory accuracy and visibility, order accuracy, and expedited inbound activities?

Our supply chain solutions help organizations navigate the new paradigms of change in the aftermath of COVID-19, including “Enabling Warehousing Resiliency” as a key strategic initiative for companies wanting to do more than survive—but rather thrive—in today’s shifting business landscape.

Generix Group North America
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