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GPA Expanding Container Capacity

The Georgia Ports Authority is making a series of infrastructure improvements to expand capacity and speed the flow of cargo.

Key to that plan is expanding its Mason Mega Rail Terminal. GPA has now commissioned the second set of nine new working tracks for a total of 18 at Mason Mega Rail. The 85-acre rail yard is the largest of its kind for a port terminal in North America.

The expansion increases intermodal capacity to and from the Port of Savannah by more than 30%, increasing maximum terminal rail lifts to 2 million twenty-foot equivalent container units per year. GPA can now build and receive six 10,000-foot trains simultaneously.

Port of Savannah customers moving containers by rail enjoy superior speed and reliability, with most cargo moving from vessel to rail within 24 hours.

Additionally, Savannah offers the fastest westward rail transit in the South Atlantic region. Class I railroads Norfolk Southern and CSX provide doublestack container trains along the entire route between Savannah and the Midwest.

On the container yard, GPA’s Peak Capacity project began coming online Dec. 1, 2021, delivering 820,000 TEUs of additional annual capacity at full completion in March 2022. Another 18 acres currently under development will add 400,000 TEUs of annual capacity by July 2022.

GPA is also building a new berth for big ships. The project, slated to come online in 2023, will allow Savannah to simultaneously serve four 16,000-TEU vessels, and three additional ships.

The Port of Savannah is also building a new transloading facility on a 90-acre parcel just upriver from Garden City Terminal. A cross-docking warehouse will be completed by the spring of 2023, served by a yard with nine rubber-tired gantry cranes and an annual capacity of 400,000 TEUs.

In 2023 and 2024, the Garden City Terminal West project will add a total of 1 million TEUs of annual capacity.

Private industry is also responding to the need for off-terminal infrastructure expansion. At the close of 2021, 20 million square feet of industrial space were under construction near the Port of Savannah—a 25% increase over an inventory of 80 million square feet.

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