IFS Freight, Inc.

Dan Witt

Dan Witt

President & CEO

Jason Turley
Vice President of Sales & Operations

Mission Statement
IFS Freight exists to simplify the supply chain and logistics challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses. We do this by providing carrier options with outstanding customer service and our own fleet of transportation assets.

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IFS Freight, Inc.

Delayed shipments are more than just a headache—they can cascade into logistical nightmares for your business. You can’t afford for pickups and deliveries to be constantly late or missed. Stop wasting time and money on unreliable carriers that can’t deliver on expectations.

With IFS Freight, you can find the best option for each shipment you make. This optimizes your supply chain and provides you with a central hub for logistics. Since 2005, the IFS team has gone the extra mile for businesses like yours—even building our own fleet to better serve our clients.

Explore our full suite of solutions, including shipping services from our very own fleet:

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

View LTL pricing from multiple carriers, so you can quickly shop for the best rate. Our Intelli-Freight tool makes LTL pallet shipping simple and affordable.

Full Truckload

Find the best carrier for full truckload shipments. We provide personalized attention, unparalleled service, and an expansive carrier network.

Tanker Services

Struggling to find capacity? We provide tankers to meet your capacity needs. Secure capacity, simplify shipping, and save with tanker options. We make it easy to reduce shipping costs and boost efficiency via multiple transport modes.

Ship With IFS Freight

Get ready for a reliable, affordable shipping experience. At IFS Freight, we address your unique shipping challenges while providing first-class service.

Experience the difference of a logistics team working for you rather than against you. Alleviate your supply chain headaches once and for all by contacting IFS Freight today.

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