Intelar LLC Light by Motion

Victor Verbovsky

Victor Verbovsky


Intelar LLC develops and produces motion/occupancy sensors for lighting control and automation in warehouses. Our team has expertise in microwave radar motion detection technology (presence, movement, direction of movement, speed of movement).

Our mission is to make your building, street, city and country as energy efficient as possible.

Intelar LLC Light by Motion

The Challenge: Inefficient use of lighting for industrial facilities, primarily warehouses

In 90% of cases, lighting operates at full capacity without taking into account the need for it. Such warehouses consume 3 times more energy than warehouses with automation.

Before our sensor appeared on the market, the lighting system could not be automated in some types of warehouses. These were warehouses with a height of more than 12 meters, freezing warehouses and high-humidity warehouses. We have solved all these problems and successfully compete with other manufacturers in all types of warehouses now.


K2150 long-range motion sensor is unique in many technical parameters. In warehouse lighting systems, each sensor controls an inter-rack aisle up to 85 m long (detection of humans) and up to 115 m long (detection of vehicles) without dead zones.

Each sensor replaces 3-5 high-bay motion sensors made by the world’s best manufacturers, saves up to 10,000 kWh electric power and decreases CO2 emissions by 4 tons per year.

The K2150 sensor is the only sensor that can operate:

  • in warehouses where the ceiling height exceeds 12 m (from 3 m to 30 m and above)
  • in freezing and high-humidity warehouses.


  • You can reduce electricity consumption in warehouses by 3-4 times
  • Even if you have energy-efficient LED-light sources installed, we can reduce your energy costs several times more.
  • The sensor will extend the service life of LED lights by 2-3 times due to reduction of the LED’s degradation.
  • Our sensors can not only turn on and off the lighting, but also smoothly adjust its power within 2-100%.


We use the more advanced microwave-radar technology instead of passive infrared systems.

A special mathematical signal processing mechanism inside the sensor’s microprocessor increases operation range from 25 m up to 85 m and even more. You only need to install one sensor in the center of each inter-rack aisle up to 85 m long and connect it to the existing lighting system.


  • In three years, our customers have saved 20.1 million kWh of electricity and reduced CO2 emissions by 8,040 tons.
  • The payback period is approximately 1 year. Best result: 6.5 months
  • Our sensors can reliably operate in warehouses located in regions with a warm and hot climate. In these areas the infrared motion sensors of competitors do not work three summer months a year.
  • Sensors can be used in popular VNA warehouses with a height of 22 m.
  • The sensors are very reliable. Not a single return for repairing in 3 years of selling.

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Intelar LLC Light by Motion
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