MagicLogic Optimization Inc.

Tim Smith

Tim Smith

Owner & CEO

MagicLogic was formed with a vision of supplying the best and most complete logistics solutions for load planning. Our powerful algorithms handle even the most challenging loads, and our R&D team is continuously working on providing even better results and adaptations for our customers.

Each day, many companies worldwide rely on our software to efficiently and safely ship their products and cannot afford downtime. Over the past twenty-five years, we have grown an enviable reputation for providing reliable products and an aftercare service second to none. Our ability to adjust and adapt to our customers’ needs sets us apart from our competitors.


Since its inception in 1995, MagicLogic® has become an industry leader in the world of Load Planning software. All software is developed in house and is the result of continuous, intensive research and development. After more than two decades, our software continues to leverage the most versatile and powerful algorithms, providing optimum results while meeting the most complex, stringent business rules and requirements. Any aspect of MagicLogic software is customizable; we have met many of our customers’ specific requirements that cannot be accommodated with off-the-shelf products—yet all software is compatible with multiple industry-standard APIs and file types.

Our products include Cube-IQ® interactive load planning software for web and desktop, and BlackBox® for fully integrated high-speed Cartonization and complex Mixed Case Palletization.


Cube-IQ is our state-of-the-art load optimization software. We load more and cover more operational requirements than any other software. MagicLogic offers versions that are industry-specific, following different implementation scenarios.

The software includes a built-in database engine that is shareable with multiple users and comes with full import-export capabilities, using Excel, CSV, JSON, or XML files. Cube-IQ gives you optimal volume/weight utilization, optimizing loading items into one or more containers. We can select the right sized containers for your load.

Cube-IQ has a graphical user interface with point and click and drag and drop functionality, so you can edit loads in real-time using the fully interactive load editing module. Once optimized, load planners receive clear 3D diagram-based instructions. Because Cube-IQ can cope with complex shapes, we load more items every time.


Our BlackBox optimizer is a Windows service and is easy-to-integrate. Its key applications are Cartonization, selecting the right box for orders in eFulfillment, order after order, and Mixed Palletization for either Pack Station or Robotics.

BlackBox is load planning distilled to its purest form, ensuring the system is an integrator’s dream. MagicLogic’s state of the art loading algorithm is condensed into a plug-in module compatible with any WMS/ERP system on the market.

Our proprietary algorithm is central to BlackBox and is the culmination of many years of intensive research and experience in the field of Combinational Optimization. BlackBox is widely acknowledged as the best on the market and is frequently imitated but never bettered. It is built into the software provided by many Tier 1 logistics service providers. By utilizing true 3D placement of every item, our software delivers an optimal solution.

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