Martin Verwijmeren

Martin Verwijmeren


As a supply chain software company, MPO’s goal is to empower brands and logistics service providers to consistently make perfect orders (on-time and in-full at the lowest possible cost). MPO’s flexible, agile, and optimizing cloud platform ensures its customers drive resilience, sustainability, innovation, and high service levels while maximizing revenue and operational excellence.

Platform Capabilities

  • Supply Chain Visibility & Digital Control Tower
  • Transportation Management
  • Omnichannel Order Management & Fulfillment
  • Returns & Spare Parts Management


Manage Supply Chain Complexity

MPO’s cloud platform for Multi Party Orchestration empowers organizations that manage complex networks of suppliers, plants, warehouses, and carriers across multiple systems, ERPs, WMSs, and sales channels to drive higher efficiency, revenue, service levels, and customer satisfaction.

Continuous Optimization
Through embedded intelligence and machine learning, the MPO platform provides real-time, continuous optimization across inventory, orders, and transportation for all inbound, outbound, and reverse flows.

  • Multi-Level Order Management. Always choose the most cost-effective sourcing and execution options for every order, no matter the service level requirements.
  • Multi-Tier Inventory Management. Match supply against multi-channel orders, accurately forecast stock, and optimally allocate inventory to B2B, B2C, and DTC orders.
  • Multi-Service Transport Management. Plan and execute logistics for single- or multi-leg, multi-mode flows, with real-time status updates and in-app corrections management.

Flexibility, Agility, & Resilience

By connecting disparate systems and creating end-to-end visibility across the supply chain, MPO customers fuel strategic network collaboration and optimize inventory, orders, logistics, and transportation. With intelligent planning and execution, they’re able to mitigate risk, control costs, improve performance, and better adapt to uncertainty and disruption

Planning. Optimize every order with access to the largest carrier network, rate shopping, WMS planning and coordination, and by factoring constraints around delivery, capacity, and transportation. Configure complex omni-channel order flows and returns across all B2B, B2C, and D2C parties, and easily modify and add new flows to accommodate evolving business needs.

Execution. Streamline and automate with fast processing speeds, timely milestones, alerts, and in-app exceptions management across all order types (purchase, sales, returns etc.). Handle rush orders cost-effectively by deconsolidating special orders into one or many shipments that are re-optimized.

Finance. Gain visibility into cost-to-serve and margins with summary and granular views into all partner costs, beyond transportation, including handling, customs, duties, and warehousing. Robust rate and service agreements provide detailed cost allocation and automated audits ensure accuracy.

Analytics. Drive continuous improvements with real-time dashboards and performance monitoring across order fulfillment performance (OTIF), supplier and partner score cards, inventory performance, transportation KPIs, customer service KPIs, and sustainability metrics, such as carbon emissions.


Bold projects don’t have to cost millions or take years to implement. MPO’s neutral, cloud-based technology supports real-time integration and can typically begin enacting transformative change within weeks. Most companies can expect to generate value within 2-4 months followed by incremental releases for a full rollout, with breakeven in less than one year.

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