Martin Verwijmeren

Martin Verwijmeren


As a supply chain software-as-a-service company, MPO’s goal is to empower brands and logistics service providers to consistently deliver on the perfect order (on-time and in-full at the lowest possible cost).

Our philosophy is that businesses shouldn’t have to compromise on customer service to control costs, or vice versa. MPO’s flexible and optimizing cloud platform makes it possible to innovate and consistently deliver an outstanding customer experience while maximizing operational excellence, which is no easy feat in today’s climate.

Platform Capabilities

  • Control Tower & Visibility
  • Transportation Management
  • Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment
  • Returns & Aftermarket Management


MPO offers a unified cloud platform for supply chain orchestration. The platform is uniquely able to factor broad considerations and constraints—such as order requirements, inventory visibility, carrier capabilities, and service level options across inbound, outbound, and reverse and aftermarket flows—to ensure every customer order is optimally planned and executed—for maximal satisfaction at the lowest possible costs.

In addition to real-time analytics and alerts, the platform enables companies to act instantly and upon the latest, available network data to mitigate impact from disruption.

Bold projects don’t have to cost millions or take years to implement. MPO’s neutral, cloud-based technology supports real-time integration and can typically begin enacting transformative change within weeks. Most companies can expect to generate value within 2- to 4-month increments, with breakeven in less than one year.

What Makes MPO’s Order & Logistics Management Capabilities So Unique?

While most transportation management solutions handle operations from a shipment perspective (shipment-centric), MPO offers the world’s only order-centric TMS.

The MPO platform can consume a raw order of any type (Purchase Order, Sales Order, Return)—making integration with order capture systems easy—and is also uniquely able to decompose orders into one or many shipments, so that every routing and carrier decision is fully optimized to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible. MPO goes beyond just transportation by enabling planning and coordination with WMS systems to enable a seamless fulfillment process.

This unique order-centric structure allows for superior rush and expedite order management. Since there is no batching or special processing, users have the power to aggregate and optimize flows as needed, until the last possible moment.

The Order-Centric structure also provides unprecedented processing speeds and reduces latency in status updates to facilitate the quickest responses and most timely event management.

Having no mode, leg, or geographic limit makes the MPO platform one of the most flexible solutions on the market, empowering its users to configure complex omni-channel order flows (as well as returns) across all B2B, B2C, and D2C parties, as well as easily modify and add new flows to accommodate evolving business needs.

The robust rate and service agreement structure provides pinpoint accuracy and detailed cost allocation. MPO captures not only transport costs, but all logistics costs including handling, customs, duties, and warehousing.

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