Charles L. Hammel III

Charles L. Hammel III


Customer Driven
We strive to understand the diverse and emerging needs of our customer base. We provide reliable and dependable solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

People Driven
We know that our most significant resource is our people. The success of our organization can be attributed to our employees’ dedication, pride, and outstanding work ethic. The commitment and loyalty of our employees facilitates the success of our organization.

Quality Driven
We recognize that quality is important to our customers. We develop repeatable operations, safety, security, claims prevention and vehicle maintenance processes that minimize variance and improve consistency. We are committed to providing our customers with high-value, cost-efficient solutions. Our commitment to quality is integral to our company.


PITT OHIO has been in the trucking industry for over 40 years as the transportation and logistics provider you can trust; a reliable and dependable freight transportation provider with a flexible approach who can anticipate your needs.

In addition to our legacy LTL freight solutions, PITT OHIO provides supply chain, expedite, freeze protect, warehousing, transloading, international and truckload services. We provide these logistics and transportation solutions to customers throughout the entire Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and New England states as well as across all of North America with our strategic partners.

Through technology, we drive simplicity for supply chains and meet our customers where they are in their digital journey. As leaders in digital technology, our differentiation strategy centers around reliable data, transparency, and actionable insights, so that you can better manage your customers’ expectations. Our innovative tracking application, Delivery Track, provides dynamic day of delivery ETAs for LTL shipments.

Our commitment to People, Planet and Purpose encouraged us to rethink what we can do to revolutionize sustainability in business and in the trucking industry. We recognize the nature of our business, but also embrace opportunities for research and application of renewable energy. Our renewable energy powered microgrid, found at two of our terminals, uses a patented, groundbreaking process that takes wind and solar energy into a battery system and the subsequent distribution of that power to points of use. We received the patent for this process in 2020.

It is our goal to promote the construction and maintenance of buildings that are environmentally responsible, efficient and healthy places to work. By creating healthy, encouraging places to work, we’re able to hire and retain the best of the best in the industry. New construction projects are designed to meet certain sustainability standards in water, energy, and material usage efficiency to reach LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification levels. To date, PITT OHIO has 5 buildings that have achieved LEED status. Along with these certifications, we’re reducing our carbon footprint with top of the line equipment, which also keeps our employees healthy, safe and comfortable.

Guided by visionary leadership and a shared spirit of innovation, PITT OHIO will continue to raise the bar with what differentiates us in the transportation and logistics industry —our service, safety standards, technology and sustainability.

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