Shannon Vaillancourt

Shannon Vaillancourt

President and Founder

RateLinx was founded in 2002 by Shannon Vaillancourt, with the idea there was a better way to give companies complete visibility to their supply chain. On a mission to revolutionize supply chains, they help customers accelerate their supply chain intelligence by driving data quality and delivering real-time, accurate, and tailored analytics, dashboards, and reports.

An award-winning provider of logistics software and services, RateLinx connects ship, track, and pay data, to deliver better logistics insights and better business outcomes. RateLinx collaborates with customers to drive significant savings and insights in their logistics operations in 45 days or less with low IT.


The best logistics data provider improves shipping, visibility, and payment.

RateLinx is an award-winning logistics solutions provider recognized in four Gartner market guides. Delivering all your logistics data in a single platform, RateLinx tailors its solutions to help you improve your business. The powerful RateLinx data quality engine leverages AI and machine learning to cleanse and normalize your freight data, delivering complete, timely, and accurate insights across your logistics processes. RateLinx solutions can stand-alone or augment any current systems with fast deployment and low IT for faster ROI.


ShipLinx is a global, high-volume, enterprise-class TMS that meets all your supply chain demands with no professional service or change fees. ShipLinx supports unlimited shipments, carriers, modes, locations, users, and currencies for maximum capability. Cloud-based and auto-updated, ShipLinx reduces costs and improves service by optimizing complex freight with multimodal execution, scheduling, and rating tools. Expand your TMS capability with multi-carrier small parcel, custom freight marketplace, and inbound supplier portal. RateLinx onboards any carrier quickly at no additional cost. Augment your existing TMS to achieve faster ROI with lower costs over a new system.

Real-Time Visibilty

Our TracLinx real-time visibility platform delivers the scalability you need to track shipments worldwide. We’ll onboard any carrier at no extra cost to track all locations, suppliers, customers, and volume in real-time. Get superior real-time visibility accuracy over multimodal shipments, suppliers, and carrier performance with the industry’s best data quality. Enhanced with AI, TracLinx powers accurate ETAs to streamline operations. Customizable predictive analytics and prescriptive insights alert you to potential issues and improvement opportunities.

Freight Audit & Payment

PayLinx is an artificial intelligence-driven freight audit and spend intelligence platform. Enabling process automation, exception management, and advanced analytics, PayLinx improves cost strategies, decision making, and carrier partnerships. Take control of your freight spend and eliminate exceptions and rate tolerances. Advanced analytics enable better decisions through powerful insights. Measure and monitor critical custom and standard KPIs in real-time.


Even with a TMS, track and trace, and visibility systems in place, successful initiatives are still out of reach for many shippers. RateLinx’s powerful analytics platform connects your existing systems and can turn your data into positive business results. Leverage advanced analytics to find cost-saving opportunities that impact your organization’s bottom line.

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