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Kelly Blair

Kelly Blair


Our WHY at Smart:
To use business to promote individual’s (employee’s) personal progression and to build the necessary economic engine to fund that. We will keep fighting to make Smart Resources a human growth machine.

We are an employer of choice partnering with employers of choice. Profits drive purpose; we can have all the ideals in the world, but if our business is broken and our economic engine is not working then we will cease to exist and our ideals mean nothing.

Smart Resources

Most companies have mission statements, long-term visions, company values, etc. I feel like for most of them, they are posters on the wall and little more.

For company values to be meaningful, they need to be lived. We strive to use our values to make key decisions and to keep them aligned with our company culture.

We are likely far from perfect at this, but I am committed to live our values and be held accountable to them. Some of the ways we value our values is by using them to evaluate employee performance, making hiring and firing decisions, making strategy decisions, deciding on how to deal with a tough customer issue, using values to evaluate promotions and raises.

An example of this might be for trustworthy the company would say “we invoice with 100% accuracy and 100% backups,” for the department it might be “we never throw problems over the fence to other departments, we resolve things that land in our court and see them through to completion,” and for the employee it could be “I respond to all emails and voicemails within 12 hours.”

We have aspirational and operational values:

1. Trustworthy. We are worthy of trust. We are competent and reliable. We do what we say we’ll do. We make and keep our commitments.

2. Progression. Personal, team, and organizational growth. Build an organization where team members don’t have to outgrow us. We value mentoring and being mentored, learning, education, and open, honest feedback.

3. Hard Work. We pull beyond our own weight; we each strive to give more than we receive. We believe in being self-reliant and exceeding our duty. We are dependable.

4. Quality Relationships. We are happy, positive, optimistic people who support, energize, and inspire one another. Through teamwork and cooperation, we trust each other to “have our backs.” We are respectful, kind, and fair with all.

5. Deliver Results. We deliver on our commitments to each other, to our stakeholders, to our clients, and to our employees.

Who We are and How We Operate

Smart Resources is a labor logistics platform that brings businesses and employees together at the right time with the right amount of work. Our company started as a 3PL or third-party logistics company, IntegraCore Supply Chain Management. It started small and grew fast. As with any company that has rapid growth, we had labor management issues that needed to be addressed in order to grow further. Like most companies in warehouse, manufacturing, or production, we reached out to what we thought was our best solution and that was to use temp agencies or staffing companies. We quickly realized how broken they were.

Our focus is on process improvement, using outsourced labor as a strategy to lower cost per unit. We are a very unique, very exclusive, and a non-traditional solution to your labor needs. I guarantee we have things you haven’t seen before.

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