Symbia Logistics

Megan Smith

Megan Smith


Symbia Logistics’ mission is to deliver exceptional service by being swift, experienced problem solvers. We value our customers and our team above all else. Symbia’s true grit and can-do attitude are present in all aspects of our operations.

To expand and provide our third-party logistics services to growing North American manufacturers who place more value on getting things done the right way than on cutting corners and getting things done for the lowest possible price.

  • 9 facilities
  • 825,000 sq ft

Symbia Logistics

From digital storefront integration and order fulfillment, to warehousing and industrial kitting, Symbia is the answer to all of your logistics needs. We don’t cut corners and won’t complicate things.

Our customers enjoy saving time and money, so they can focus on what really matters: Efficiency.

Join forces with Symbia Logistics and gain a powerful, WBE Certified team.

Why Does Symbia Do What They Do?

  • We believe in taking action and finding solutions.
  • We believe in breaking free from stereotypes and exceeding expectations.
  • We believe that productivity and efficiency are a result of focusing on our strengths.

How Is Symbia Unique?

As the largest 3PL provider for the world’s largest pallet pool, no other woman-owned business has achieved the same industry-leading growth. Symbia brings logistics back to the basics with a can-do attitude and a veteran team who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

What Does Symbia Do?

We provide general and dedicated logistics services, including e-fulfillment, fulfillment, and warehousing, to product-based businesses from our many facilities in North America.

Putting Our Clients’ Needs First

As a privately held family business with over 150 years of combined experience, the Symbia Logistics team has provided facility-based supply chain support to a variety of industries including sporting goods, apparel, dry grocery, health and beauty, aerospace, chemical, industrial goods, kitting, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment services.

The Symbia Executive Team has been developing customized solutions and processes for logistics clients since 1989. We consistently exceed customer expectations and establish long-term partnerships.

27 Main St.
Unit C-303B
Edwards, CO 81632