Krenar Komoni

Krenar Komoni

CEO & Founder

Mission Statement
Tive’s mission is to pioneer beyond what we thought possible, so what others hold near and dear arrives on time and in full. We imagine a world fully transparent, where everything and everyone is connected.


Tive, a leading provider of real-time supply chain visibility and insights, ensures shipments arrive on time and in full through a combination of hardware, software, and 24/7 support. Tive’s integrated solution enables the true end-to-end visibility that companies need to actively manage their shipments, prevent costly delays and damage, and improve their customers’ experience.

Tive’s multi-sensor trackers (which can be single- or multi-use) create real-time data on:

  • Location: hyper-accurate (within feet) using WiFi, GPS, and cellular triangulation
  • Shipment condition: Temperature, humidity
  • Security: Light sensor (package or container opened, when, where)
  • Integrity: Shock and orientation (package dropped, loaded incorrectly or other event)

Tive’s trackers have an industry-leading battery life, providing data for up to 90 days depending on report frequency. Tive also produced the world’s first non-lithium tracker, which is approved for use on over 100 air carriers.

Tive trackers feed data into an intuitive, cloud-based software application; users can set custom alerts (via email and/or SMS) and reporting for when a shipment:

  • Arrives/departs, based on user-defined geofences
  • Deviates from the required temperature or humidity range
  • Deviates from expected route
  • Becomes separated from other items in the load
  • Is dropped (experiences a shock event)
  • Is opened
  • + more

The Tive solution is easy to implement and can be used on its own, or integrated seamlessly with supply chain visibility platforms, ERP solutions, TMS, and more, via API and webhook capabilities.

Finally, Tive’s 24/7 shipment monitoring service ensures all live shipments have dedicated support at all times. Tive’s team acts as an extension of users’ own shipping and logistics teams, monitoring live shipments and collaborating with carriers to resolve in-transit issues and prevent delays and damage.

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