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Chris Smith

Chris Smith

General Manager and VP of Dealer Operations

Who We Are
Based near Atlanta, Turbo Sales & Leasing is one of the nation’s largest sales and leasing centers for terminal tractors—the hard-nosed workhorses of the warehouse and shipping industry. The company’s customized leasing programs are designed to keep your fleet operations running full-time with no downtime. Founded in 2006, the company also leases a wide assortment of truck trailers.

Vision Statement
Turbo Sales & Leasing is dedicated to maintaining maximum “uptime” performance of the terminal tractors leased to customers in the time-sensitive warehouse and storage industry.

Turbo Sales & Leasing

Our National Sales Team. Turbo Sales Team members (left to right) are Taylor Whitley, Ed Cross, George Bell, Chris Smith, Shane Ritter, and Robbin Dorminey. Turbo manages hundreds of leased terminal tractors at storage facilities across the country.

Terminal Tractor Leasing

Turbo leases one of the nation’s largest inventories of new and used terminal tractors—including top brands like TICO, Ottawa, and Capacity—for large fleets based at warehouses, distribution centers, and ports. The No. 1 priority behind Turbo’s leasing program is to maintain minimal downtime and maximum uptime for the 24/7 operations of its customers.

Terminal tractor leasing programs are customized to each customer’s specific needs and budget requirements. Because Turbo understands that one size (or lease) does not fit all.

New Every 2 Leasing Plan

Turbo was a pioneer when it began its most popular lease plan—the exclusive New Every 2 program in 2016. Turbo was the first company in the industry to allow customers to replace their leased terminal tractors every two years with a new one. This program offers many cost-efficient and budget-friendly advantages:

  • Alleviate headache of annual procurement process
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Stay abreast of technology upgrades
  • Improve driver satisfaction
  • Uptime always—no downtime ever

In addition to leasing new vehicles, Turbo provides rentals of pre-owned terminal tractors for short and long-term rental arrangements. Turbo currently manages over 400 leased terminal tractors at warehouses and distribution centers operated by its customers across the country.


Turbo supports its leasing customers with full maintenance and repair—from individual terminal tractors to entire spotter truck fleets.

Turbo recently launched its GO-TURBO app. This technology tool will help the company stay on top of repair issues with its leased fleets by allowing customers to communicate more efficiently with the Turbo team—at any time or day.

Most importantly, it supports the company’s focus and mantra “sell uptime, no downtime” for its customers in the time-sensitive warehouse and distribution industry. Also, under the Turbo fleet monitoring program, leased terminal tractors are equipped with Geo Tabs that allow Turbo to remotely monitor the operational performance of rental fleets—24/7.

Largest Parts Inventory

Turbo Sales & Leasing houses one of the nation’s largest inventories of parts for all brands of terminal tractors. This allows us to efficiently service hundreds of tractors for our leased fleets and other customers.


Turbo rents a wide assortment of quality reefers, dry vans, and flat beds. Short and long-term rental arrangements are available. Turbo has approximately 300 trailers in its inventory.

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