Shan Muthuvelu

Shan Muthuvelu

President & CEO

UCBOS Inc. is an  Atlanta-based global technology firm with the mission to provide the world’s first “No-Code Enterprise Application Platform” and revolutionize the notion of the composable enterprise. Its vision is to Enable Business and IT Digital & IT Transformation by simplifying​ AI/ML technologies, making them practical for business and IT to adapt and transcend coding and business limitations.


What is UCBOS™?

UCBOS™—“Unified Commerce Business Optimization System,” a Powerful Business Platform with Composable Architecture, Metadata Framework, Machine Learning Capabilities, and Prebuilt Modules, offers scalability and flexibility to solve dynamic business problems that involve best of breed applications, third-party cloud solutions, sensors, and machines that enterprises are currently solving in-house on a case-by-case basis without touching the existing ecosystems.

The UCBOS™ Platform is a Composable No-Code Enterprise Business Platform. ​The platform complements traditional “best of the breed” and cloud solutions in an unprecedented way, as it empowers enterprises to manage their business needs through a Composable Asset Model, which is both straightforward, extendable, and time-friendly compared to traditional models.

Key features of UCBOS™:

The UCBOS™ application builder enables IT organizations to build business-critical in-house applications, AI modules, mobile apps, and workflows across internal systems and external platforms all on a single unified platform. The platform aids with technology consolidation initiatives across teams.

The UCBOS™ No-Code platform empowers business users to analyze business trends, model outcomes through machine learning designs, and orchestrate the preferred business workflows in real time. The platform alleviates business team dependencies on developers and expedites business transformation initiatives.

UCBOS™ comes with an intelligence-embedded integration platform on top of its metadata technology, which self-learns from multiple disparate systems, including IoT and big data, to make informed business decisions. The platform produces AI/ML ready data from the operational data.

UCBOS™ comes with many built-in business modules and industry-standard technical capabilities, such as business entity hierarchies, customizable UIs and Dashboards, Charts and Graphs, Graphical UIs, rules and workflows, API learning, ML, flexible Permissions, Data Level Security,

Product demonstrations are available upon request.

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