Shan Muthuvelu

Shan Muthuvelu

President & CEO

UCBOS, Inc. is a USA-based business composable technology firm with the mission to augment the supply chain through semantics. Its vision is to enable Data Agility and Interoperability for enterprises through Semantic Augmentation to promote Supply Chain Resiliency.

UCBOS is 100% semantics, 100% metadata, 100% supply chain, 100% composable, 100% No-Code and 100% NoSQL.


The UCBOS extension delivers supply chain clarity, customer promise reliability, and business agility.

  • What is UCBOS? It is an agile and adaptive extension to unlock business outcomes 10X faster and smarter.
  • How? It augments your existing ERP and supply chain systems using metadata and semantic capabilities.

A Supply Chain Ecosystem typically possesses installations of various ERPs, multiple modules of packaged SCM software, legacy systems, warehouse automation systems, and 100+ customizations.

  • Vendors like Oracle, SAP, IBM, Manhattan, Blue Yonder, Korber, Infor, Mercury Gate, Coupa, Epicor, Jaggaer and more.

Supply Chains systems/modules don’t work together and cannot solve problems that are not specific to that module. Each is, by design, tailored to receive predetermined outcomes. The modules cannot understand the external signals, and market variabilities are unknown and therefore cannot enforce a common meaning, policy or procedure across the supply chain.

A UCBOS enabled enterprise composes and solves business problem chains across the supply chain using semantics and a dynamic unified logical data model. It produces business outcomes connecting customers, partners, market signals, systems, facilities, IoT, environmental signals, and machines.

Imagine unlocking new outcomes today, 10X Faster by extending your existing supply chain.

Customer Promise Reliability

  • Sourcing Changes to Keep Customer Promises
  • Fulfillment Changes to Keep Customer Promises
  • “Make” Changes to Keep Customer Promises
  • Customer Pick Up Changes to Keep Customer Promises
  • First-Mile Changes to Keep Promises
  • Redefining Service through IoT

Business Agility

  • Supply Chain Mapping of the Enterprise, Partners and their Partners
  • Handoff Tracking
  • Environment Signals Impact on Inventory
  • Spoilage Dynamic Re-Allocation and Rerouting
  • Heat Exposure Product Impact Rerouting
  • Lineage Tracking for Source of Labor
  • Inventory Accuracy Real-Time Checks

Supply Chain Clarity

  • Business Mergers & Multi-ERP/SCM Ecosystem Orchestration
  • Logistics Collaboration with Businesses Serving the Same Customer
  • New Lines of Business during Disruptions
  • Market Signal Impact on Procurement Decisions
  • Dynamic Appointment Automation
  • Dynamic Dock Scheduling
  • Rerouting in First-Mile through Dynamic Allocations
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