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Craig Malloy

Craig Malloy


Vecna Robotics is an intelligent material-handling technology company engineered to keep goods moving. Our award-winning autonomy solutions choreograph flexible, uninterrupted work between autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), labor, facilities, and systems to keep the supply chain running, 24/7/365. We make business go.

Vecna Robotics

Vecna Robotics is an award-winning, flexible intelligent material handling technology company with solutions engineered for seamless work between autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and the labor, equipment, facilities, and systems that keep business moving.

Our self-driving forklifts, pallet movers, and tuggers—powered by proprietary  Pivotal™ orchestration software and our 24/7/365 command center—are optimized for multi-shift operations in medium to large facilities in distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing. Our tightly integrated solutions extend staff capacity and help to minimize labor shortage disruptions and demand spikes across different high-volume logistics environments.

What differentiates Vecna Robotics is that we are laser-focused on helping organizations to automate their most critical workflows, maximize throughput, and scale operations fast.

Our intelligent, self-driving equipment brings a cloud-first approach to materials handling that gets smarter over time. From initial simulation to professional set up, our solutions are tuned for key workflows like End of Line, Case Picking, and Material Replenishment and Put Away.

Whatever your facility throws at our autonomous equipment, industry-leading obstacle avoidance software is designed to keep your pallets on the move and maximize throughput. And in the event of a disruption, our remotely managed command center monitors your facility 24/7/365 to maintain 99%+ uptime.

And lastly, real success with Vecna is rooted in proven, measured, long-term customer results. Our novel robots-as-a-service pricing model and winning safety and platform scalability give you the long-term flexibility to keep your business moving for the long haul.

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