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As Wagner Logistics begins its 76th year in business, we have been reflecting on a key principle: Every customer is a big deal, whether it’s a family owned business or a Fortune 500 company. Our team of supply chain experts provides precise solutions, crafted to fit each customer’s needs at the speed our customers require.

Wagner’s standard of service is rooted in providing exceptional performance and a keen ability to anticipate consumer demand. Wagner continues to stay on the cutting edge by investing in and implementing automation and robotic software across our nationwide portfolio of operations. We are eager to tackle your most complex supply chain challenges. Whatever it is, whatever it takes – we say, “Bring It.”

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Wagner Logistics has been a leader in supply chain operation for nearly 80 years. The company began as a transportation provider. Soon after, customers began to lean on Wagner’s trusted expertise for additional services including warehousing, packaging and fulfillment. This year Wagner will operate in at least 24 facilities across the U.S., transport over 63,000 shipments and fill thousands of e-commerce orders.

Wagner Logistics’ strategic approach delivers legendary service and leverages cutting edge technology to continually improve supply chain visibility. Our extensive experience in distribution and transportation makes Wagner a natural strategic fit for customers seeking reliable expert partnerships within their supply chain.

Dynamic Transportation

Fortune 100 and 500 companies rely on Wagner Logistics every day.

We are quite different than your average broker:

  • Trusted carrier pool
  • Carrier matching and customized carrier networks
  • Increase your capacity
  • Consistent rates
  • Drive down customer shipping costs

Bottom line, Wagner’s transportation group is perfectly positioned to support customers looking to increase capacity and outsource transportation services. Wagner knows how to deploy assets to meet dedicated trucking needs and provide non-asset transportation where you need it most. Wagner is also able to drive down parcel shipping costs due to the volume we move through our growing fulfillment operations.

Contract Warehousing

We serve our customers with nearly 7 million square feet of distribution and warehouse space spanning from California to Florida. Customers rely on our expertise in network analysis and facility placement to consolidate operations, increase supply chain visibility and maximize savings.

We bring a solutions focused mindset to the table when planning a new operation or improving a current operation. Wagner understands how to transition your distribution operation when others are failing and how to find you the space you need in a tight market. Our seasoned start-up team has seen it all. They are nimble, precise and know how to avoid the roadblocks.


E-commerce and online retailers are constantly tweaking products and services to meet and exceed consumer expectations. Wagner Logistics opened our fulfillment operation over 25 years ago and has been a nimble partner for our customers ever since. Our strategically located fulfillment operations in the heartland allow our customers to reach over 86% of the continental US in 2 days with ease.

Now more than ever customers are ordering products online. Wagner focuses on these key areas to help your company stay ahead of consumer demand:

  • Robotics
  • Automation
  • Savings on labor
  • Streamlined process

If there is anything, we can do for you, as we say at Wagner…Bring It!

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