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The New Economics of Freight Brokerage
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The New Economics of Freight Brokerage

Defining the new economics of #freightbrokerage. With the swings in capacity, availability and rates of today’s freight brokerage, this whitepaper sets out to better define the #truckload marketplace, carriers and their assets and the role of technology and data in the new economics of freightbrokerage

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Managing Freight in a Tight Capacity Market
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Managing Freight in a Tight Capacity Market

In this seller’s market for freight, carriers are more selective than ever about the loads they haul. To position your business as a ìshipper of choiceî for carriers, download our free eBook and learn 7 bold steps shippers can take to ensure you can get the freight capacity you need.

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The Evolving Freight Forwarding Market (2017) 

Digitization is the future for freight forwarders, according to the results of a survey conducted in April 2017 and based on 80 responses. This whitepaper details those results, including how the freight forwarding market is being redefined, critical pain points, what customers value most from their forwarders, market share changes, and more. Technology is leading the way for supply chains and forwarders have taken note: according to the survey, digitization is not a "nice to have" but a "need to have" for all supply chains.

Global Forwarding: Biggest, Fastest Savings
Offered By: C.H. Robinson

Global Forwarding: Biggest, Fastest Savings

It’s mission critical to optimize efficiencies and savings while moving freight around the world. Where can you get the biggest savings in international shipping with the least effort? Start here, by reading this new white paper detailing: How to get more use out of available space with cargo consolidation; How to estimate exposure and manage cargo risk; Why understanding Incoterms®, free trade agreements, and ACE may lead to savings and efficiency improvements, and more.

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