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Load and Expedite

There are a lot of moving parts in the production of a product. The key is to value stream your supply chain to make sure everyone understands the risks and rewards in the process. Read More

Teaching Logistics Excellence

The talent gap continues to be a concern in the supply chain/logistics sector. To help combat it, many universities and educational institutions are working to attract new students to the sector, and provide appropriate training. One such school is the University of Washington, College of Engineering-Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics master's program. Read More

Combat Cargo: The Challenges of Military Logistics

Think you're a project cargo master? If you really want to be all you can be, try moving difficult cargo into an area with terrible infrastructure and hostile combatants, something military logisticians do every day. Read More

Implementing Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology creates a global and trustworthy history of a product—from transaction to production to consumption. It has the potential to revolutionize workflows across international borders, empowering an automated, connected supply chain with simplicity and traceability. Read More

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The Business Case for Supply Chain Sustainability

How can you get your supply chain to satisfy your company’s economic growth and environmental sustainability goals? This edition reveals how to balance “profits vs. plants” and lists 75 supply chain partners that walk the walk when helping shippers meet sustainability goals. You’ll also find an in-depth look at how mentoring helps nurture the next generation of supply chain talent, why “parts is parts” when tackling military logistics, and how supply chain partners are helping the booming chemicals sector meet demand.

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