About Inbound Logistics Magazine

When Inbound Logistics produced its first issue in 1981, transportation and logistics were back-room silo functions and the term “supply chain” didn’t exist. The ideas we advocated—realigning business by better matching supply to demand, and speeding and reducing inventory—were diametrically opposed to what most were practicing. By staying true to our educational mission and through the efforts of a passionate staff, IL became the informational change agent for reinventing supply chain processes, and a catalyst for this new overall approach to business operations.

Ours has been a three-decade journey from being an outsider with counter-culture ideas of how transportation should fit within the enterprise, to the information leader in supply chain and logistics management.

Several qualities separate Inbound Logistics from others in the segment:

Vision and Innovation. Not content to simply report the news, IL assumed a leadership position in several areas. We were the first publication to recognize how technology transforms transportation and to devote an entire issue to Logistics IT. We coined the term 3PL and produce the annual July 3PL issue, which is the industry standard on the 3PL segment. We continue to embrace industry advocacy on infrastructure, education, and transportation policy issues.

Leadership. The publisher and editor have been with the publication for nearly 30 years; and our editors and writers have a combined 100 years of experience covering the logistics segment.

Credentials. Our print presence and editorial coverage have expanded, while maintaining a position as a leader in new media. Readership and advertising lead the segment, and we continue to publish 12 robust print issues every year.

Mission, history, vision, innovation, leadership—that’s why readers turn to Inbound Logistics Magazine.

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