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Inflation Innovation Stagnation

Achieving demand-driven enterprise status would have been impossible without the innovative technology-driven processes brought to bear on how we source, ship, and fulfill product, all while meeting evolving customer needs and demands.

5 Ways to Prepare for Supply Chain Disruptions

If we’ve learned anything during the past two years, it has been about market disruptions—even to the point of the disruptions being disrupted. While accurate crystal balls are tough to come by, let’s explore five trends and how they may provide clues to solve for continued supply chain disruptions. 1. DEMAND FOR LARGE ITEMS WILL […]

Case Studies

LeaderSHIP Profile: “I Am Never Giving Up”

Despite the exhausting challenges of helping demanding customers with small but important supply chain problems, Katherina-Olivia Lacey puts on a brave face, holds it together, and constantly drives new solutions.

Sachi Thompson: Do The Hustle

Responsibilities: Lead Curvature’s global server, storage, and network hardware business, including running operations, sales, and executing the division’s corporate strategy. Experience: Executive vice president, global supply chain,Curvature; chief operating officer, Curvature (pre-merger with SMS); director of real estate and leasing,Ess-Tee Management; production director,Big Dogs Sportswear. Education: B.A., History, University of California—Santa Barbara In 2007, I joined Curvature […]

Shifting Gears to Drive Improvement

National Oak Distributors, an automotive paint, body, and equipment warehouse distributing company founded in 1995, reaches more than 95% of the country with next-day delivery. Because timeliness lies at the heart of its business model, supply chain visibility and accurate reporting are key. THE CUSTOMER National Oak Distributors is an automotive paint, body, and equipment […]


Ensuring a Sustainable Supply Chain

The Ukraine conflict, COVID-19, and rising inflation have drawn attention to the fragility of global supply chains. With all eyes on logistics, operations leaders have additional reason to examine supply chains from the ground up. Here’s how to start.

Keeping Your Digital Supply Chain Secure

Organizations that are most protected from cyberattacks are ones that understand what threats exist in the first place. This means having a good understanding of their entire supply chain as well as the data they are responsible for and where it is stored. 1. Understand the biggest threats to the digital supply chain, what data […]

Leveraging the Spot Market

When your contracted carrier can’t meet your shipping needs, consider the spot market. Using one-time spot rates typically requires a commitment from the customer to ship within a specific time period. Spot pricing fluctuates depending on multiple factors, so shippers often don’t have a lot of control over the spot market rates quoted. Here are […]


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