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Bringing Automation to Food Production

John Deere and SpaceX have partnered to bring new automation advances to food production. Automation in the food supply chain is nothing new and there are many examples of how automation has driven efficiencies by saving time and keeping costs down. Most of the existing examples are found in the middle mile—the warehouse and DCs—moving […]

Ari Milstein

4 Things to Expect from Logistics Providers in 2024

The logistics industry, though not quite back to pre-pandemic norms, has successfully weathered much of the chaos into which the pandemic had thrown it. 2023 allowed many companies to take a breath and return to more realistic inventory levels. As consumer spending eased, companies were able to eliminate expensive stockpiles of goods, which enabled logistics […]

Case Studies

Musco & AFS Logistics: Oiling the Wheels of Change

About five years ago, when Michael Lin joined Musco Family Olive Co. as senior director of supply chain, he “walked into a tight-running operation,” he says. At the same time, Lin sought to bring greater discipline and automation to many of the company’s logistics and supply chain processes. To work toward these goals, Lin enlisted the help of AFS Logistics, a third-party logistics provider.

Jessica Yurgaitis: In the Right Place at the Right Time

Jessica Yurgaitis is chief executive officer with Industrial Supply Company, which distributes maintenance, repair, operational, and production (MROP) supplies to the construction, manufacturing, mining, government, and industrial markets from eight locations
in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Wyoming.

How Moid Alwy Keeps the Wheels Turning

After nearly 20 years in supply chain roles at Target, Moid Alwy welcomed a new set of challenges in 2022, when he became executive vice president and chief supply chain officer at American Tire Distributors (ATD). “The areas that added complexity at Target have to do with the breadth of the assortment,” Alwy says. “We […]


10 Tips for Selecting a Warehouse Management System

Companies must understand some important considerations to ensure they select the best warehouse management system (WMS) for their needs today and the future. These 10 steps can help focus your decision.

10 Tips for Improving Warehouse Operations

Improving warehouse operations is crucial to ensure orders get out on time and in full. Optimization and resource scheduling technology can help to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

10 Tips for Boosting Ecommerce Efficiency

There are endless opportunities for smart businesses to capitalize on the growing ecommerce trend. Processing high volumes of small parcels, however, requires flawless operations at every step of the supply chain to ensure maximum profitability.


Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Gain a Competitive Edge

Predictive analytics helps companies make better decisions. The key is to have good data. For example, enterprises can use data to predict how much demand there will be for their products or services, how much capacity they need, how to manage inventory, and how to avoid risks.

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