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3 Keys to Strengthen Safety

Safety is a top priority for any supply chain organization, and communication is paramount to safe operations. Here are three ways that effective communication can mitigate operational risks and strengthen safety across the supply chain.

Reclassifying Marijuana Impacts Road Safety

Rescheduling marijuana without explicit provisions for continued drug testing could compromise road safety. The ATA weighs in on the proposed deregulation.

Case Studies

Solving Problems, Improving Processes

Amy Augustine is senior director of network supply chain with UScellular, the fourth-largest U.S. full-service wireless carrier.

OTTO Motors Founder Talks AMRs, APIs, and Entrepreneurial DNA

After starting his materials handling robotics company with just $200, Matt Rendall has learned to focus relentlessly on product and customer development, lead with humility, trust his gut, and allow his team to learn from mistakes.

ProvisionAi and Riviana Foods: Get a Load of This

Walk through any grocery store, and you’ll likely come across products from Riviana Foods. It’s one of the largest processors, marketers, and distributors of branded and private-label rice products in the United States. Its brands include Minute, Success, Mahatma, Adolphus, RiceSelect, and others.


Optimizing Warehouse Efficiency

Tremendous growth in warehousing and related industries in the past decade brings real challenges—inexperienced labor, safety concerns, and squeezing productivity out of limited space. The right strategies and technology can meet these challenges.

10 Tips for Becoming a Shipper of Choice

In today’s “carrier’s market,” it’s more important than ever for shippers to become a shipper of choice—to go the extra mile and make it easier for carriers to do their jobs. Here’s how to strengthen your carrier relationships and achieve this coveted status.

10 Tips for Securing Your Supply Chain Against Cyber Attack

While cyber attacks are becoming more common, more precautions are available today to protect your supply chain. Ensuring the best outcome against cyber attacks breaks down into three basic areas: avoidance, reaction, and preparation.


The Indispensable Edge: TMS Empowers Shippers in a Competitive Landscape

Stop pushing boxes. For companies looking to get ahead, a Transportation Management System (TMS) is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Leading TMS providers offer solutions and innovations to propel shippers toward efficiency, cost reduction, and superior service delivery.

Today’s Pallets: Leaders of the Stack

Market changes highlight the need for a strategic approach to pallet management. With innovative product and service option developments, pallet providers deliver on a wide range of customer demands.

Nearshoring: Partners Lead the Way in Mexico

Establishing operations in Mexico can streamline and shorten your supply chain. These companies can help you reap the benefits and overcome the challenges of nearshoring.

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