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3PL Perspectives July 2017 | 471040 pgs. | 0 MB

Inbound Logistics’ 12th annual 3PL market research report reveals the trends and tribulations shaping logistics outsourcing strategy for both providers and shippers.

The Mighty Pallet: A Supply Chain Powerhouse May 2017 | 6 pgs. | 1.1 MB

The workhorses of the supply chain, recycled, repaired, and re-used pallets help shippers save money while getting the job done.

Managing Yard Work May 2017 | 6 pgs. | 0.83 MB

Yard Management Systems are sometimes the missing link in the supply chain. Here’s why you should fill the gap.

TMS Buyer’s Guide 2017 May 2017 | 14 pgs. | 2.3 MB

Inbound Logistics’ TMS Buyer’s Guide highlights leading providers, 3PLs, and systems that can optimize your transportation operations.

Web_Cite City: Set Your Sites April 2017 | 35 pgs. | 4.5 MB

This collection of leading transportation, logistics, and technology sites makes searching the web for supply chain solutions easier than ever.

2017 Global Logistics Guide March 2017 | 9 pgs. | 2 MB

Inbound Logistics’ 13th annual Global Logistics Guide presents a transportation and logistics world atlas to help you stay on top of shifting global dynamics and map out locations for exploration.

GTM Solutions: Making a World of Difference March 2017 | 6 pgs. | 0.75 MB

Global trade management (GTM) solutions automate complex international supply chain sourcing, logistics, cross-border trade, and regulatory compliance activities. Use this guide to get to know leading GTM vendors and their solutions.

Logistics and Supply Chain Education Resource Guide February 2017 | 5 pgs. | 0.67 MB

Looking to build your skillset? This guide outlines schools and associations with logistics and supply chain education offerings.
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Latest Trends and Who’s Who in Airfreight Forwarding November 2016 | 7 pgs. | 0.96 MB

Despite turbulence, forwarders continue to find cruising altitudes, providing reliable transport for shippers who need to quickly move goods—from fashionable apparel to critical components. Inbound Logistics’ annual guide spotlights the airfreight partners that help shippers soar.
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2016 Shipping Lines Directory October 2016 | 7 pgs. | 0.65 MB

Inbound Logistics’ 2016 Shipping Lines Directory will help you glean new ocean offerings and navigate the choppy waters of the maritime market.
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2016 Trucking Perspectives September 2016 | 9 pgs. | 1.7 MB

Inbound Logistics’ exclusive trucking market research report delivers shipper and trucker insights into the industry’s challenges and trends.

Freight Bill Audit and Payment Services: Solutions You Can Bank On September 2016 | 19 pgs. | 3.3 MB

Trying to manage your freight spending in house risks leaving money on the table. Partnering with the right freight bill audit and payment service provider can help balance your checks and check your balances.

3PL Perspectives July 2016 | 10 pgs. | 2.6 MB

Here’s how to form a relationship with your 3PL that’s so productive and strong, you’ll want to make it permanent.

Pallets: The Power Behind the Supply Chain May 2016 | 10 pgs. | 1.8 MB

Choosing the right pallet is key to streamlining and improving your supply chain.
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TMS Buyer’s Guide 2016 May 2016 | 9 pgs. | 0.63 MB

Transportation management systems help shippers move freight more efficiently. Pinpoint the solution that best aligns with your needs with Inbound Logistics’ handy directory, which highlights leading providers and their offerings.
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Who’s Who in Airfreight Forwarding 2015 November 2015 | 5 pgs. | 0.52 MB

Our annual guide helps shippers navigate this dynamic industry, listing leading players of all sizes who can let you soar.

2015 Shipping Lines Directory October 2015 | 9 pgs. | 1.69 MB

Inbound Logistics dives into the latest service enhancements and innovations offered by some of the industry’s major ocean carriers.

Freight Audit and Payment Services: Cash is King September 2015 | 17 pgs. | 2.67 MB

Freight audit and payment companies help shippers find the hidden cash in their supply chains by eliminating overbilling, and paying invoices accurately and quickly. Ready to partner with a provider? It’s your move.

WMS Buyer's Guide September 2015 | 7 pgs. | 2 MB

Ready to upgrade your warehouse processes? Turn to technology! These top-of-the-line warehouse management systems provide visibility, flexibility, and more.

An Expanding Palette of Pallet Choices May 2015 | 7 pgs. | 0 MB

Choosing the right pallet unlocks myriad benefits from improved process efficiency to cost savings and sustainability.

TMS Buyer's Guide 2015 May 2015 | 7 pgs. | 0 MB

Inbound Logistics’ annual directory highlights the leading TMS providers and solutions.

Logistics and Supply Chain Education Resource Guide February 2015 | 5 pgs. | 0 MB

Ready to boost your skills? Explore the education programs offered by these schools and associations.

Who’s Who in Airfreight Forwarding 2014 November 2014 | 5 pgs. | 0.2 MB

Inbound Logistics’ annual guide spotlights the airfreight partners that help shippers gear up for takeoff.

2014 Shipping Lines Directory October 2014 | 9 pgs. | 0.64 MB

Inbound Logistics’ annual Shipping Lines Directory provides an overview of the industry’s major players, and what they are doing to continue offering valuable services in a changing landscape.

WMS Buyer's Guide September 2014 | 7 pgs. | 1.93 MB

These best-of-breed warehouse management systems streamline order fulfillment, optimize inventory control, automate workflows, and more.

Freight Audit and Payment Services: Stacking Up Savings September 2014 | 21 pgs. | 2.4 MB

Analyzing shipment data can reveal trouble spots and identify opportunities to cut costs. Freight audit and payment services provide the supply chain analytics and expertise to give shippers an edge.

Fleet Treats July 2014 | 4 pgs. | 0.51 MB

These tractors, software tools, and tracking solutions can drive your truck fleet performance to the max.

3PL Perspectives July 2014 | 8 pgs. | 0.26 MB

Our survey of the 3PL market explores how both logistics service providers and shippers are adapting to change, and pushing the outsourcing needle in new directions.

TMS Buyer's Guide May 2014 | 9 pgs. | 0.41 MB

Inbound Logistics’ annual directory of transportation management systems offers a best-of-breed shortlist of leading TMS providers and solutions. 

Stack, Store & Transport: The Indispensable Pallet May 2014 | 5 pgs. | 0.69 MB

Pallets are a vital piece of warehouse equipment for storing and moving products.

Digital Must Haves

January 2017 January 2017 | 336 pgs. | 86.4 MB

Managing your supply chain can sometimes feel like you’re on a rollercoaster, with everything from global trade to transportation to manufacturing twisting and turning on a wild ride. While it can’t control those fluctuations, demand-driven logistics can deliver the agility and flexibility you need to anticipate and withstand any future supply chain ups and/or downs. The “I need that” information in this issue will help you relax your grip on the safety bar and enjoy the ride.
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2017 Logistics Planner January 2017 | 144 pgs. | 43 MB

Find the right solutions, carriers, and partners to drive efficiency in your supply chain operations and enable your enterprise to navigate the twists and turns, ups and downs of the coming year. The 2017 Logistics Planner, 25 years strong, is updated with profiles of leaders in transportation, technology, logistics, and more who stand ready to help you face upcoming challenges and optimize your enterprise.
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Top 100 3PL Providers July 2017 | 1992294 pgs. | 0 MB

Our annual directory spotlights logistics service providers that are ahead of the game while detailing the many services and solutions these companies provide.

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