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Humans Are What's Wrong with the Global Supply Chain

The supply chain is broken because there are too many people who are doing too many things wrong. The result is human suffering. While identifying symptoms is easy, finding root causes is difficult when the problem behaviors are taken for granted. Read More

75 Green Supply Chain Partners

Inbound Logistics features its annual G75—a carefully curated list of 75 companies that go above and beyond to ensure their global supply chains are sustainable, and their operations are socially and environmentally friendly. Read More

Tech Drives Trade Growth, Say Upbeat SMEs

Small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) struggling for equal footing in the global economy increasingly look to cross-border trade for growth, seeing technology as a way past obstacles in shipping and compliance, according to new research from Shipa Freight. Read More

The Key to Logistics Visibility: Connecting Things

Tracking shipments independent of the carrier or mode of transport provides you with analytics that help you cut through the noise and make sense of the data to improve operational efficiencies. Read More

The Bionic Warehouse Worker

Brace yourself for some mechanical marvels that could punch up DC and factory productivity. Fighting gravity, strain, and injury, these mechanized support systems give warehouse and assembly line workers near-superhero strength and Iron Man-like stamina Read More

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The Business Case for Supply Chain Sustainability

How can you get your supply chain to satisfy your company’s economic growth and environmental sustainability goals? This edition reveals how to balance “profits vs. plants” and lists 75 supply chain partners that walk the walk when helping shippers meet sustainability goals. You’ll also find an in-depth look at how mentoring helps nurture the next generation of supply chain talent, why “parts is parts” when tackling military logistics, and how supply chain partners are helping the booming chemicals sector meet demand.

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