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Three Supply Chain Trends You Need to Know

The pace of supply chain and logistics transformation shows no signs of stopping in 2018, and changes in commerce, technology, demographics, and regulation will have huge implications for the sector. Here are three trends to keep top of mind. Read More

Digital Supply Chain: What's Your Reality

What does the digital supply chain mean for your company? More integration, better visibility, a single version of the truth, a clearer view of the future—and maybe a few flying robots. Read More

Lease Me a Loan: Transport Financing on the Upswing

Today more businesses rely on leases, loans, and equipment lines of credit to finance increased spending on new equipment. Businesses have increased their capital equipment spending for the seventh consecutive year, with overall new business volume growing by 2.5 percent. Read More

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Digital Supply Chain: What’s Your Reality?

Many companies think they are already doing business in zeroes and ones, but a quick reality check reveals some gaps. This edition gets real about the game-changing benefits of a digital supply chain–improved integration, better visibility, one single view of accurate information–and gets you going on key steps to gaining a holistic view and putting a real-time demand-driven supply chain in place. From digital transformation takeaways to e-commerce strategies and supply chain finance insights, this edition will transform the way you think about your supply chain.

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