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A Real-Time, Cost-Saving Opportunity

A client looked to PLS Logistics for a way to drive real-time visibility, performance and cost savings to allow each of its 200+ office locations to operate effectively. Read More

Moving Cross-border Shipments

As your suppliers and customers become more geographically diverse, more of your supply chain and customer experience depends on moving shipments through Customs accurately and without delay. Read More

TradeLens Caps Blockchain Initiative

In an effort to apply blockchain to the world’s global supply chain, Maersk Line and IBM have collaborated to develop TradeLens, a blockchain-enabled shipping solution to promote more efficient and secure global trade, bring together supply chain partners to support information sharing and transparency, and encourage industry-wide innovation. Read More

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Finding Hidden Capacity and Top 100 Truckers

This special trucking edition helps shippers navigate the record truckload capacity shortage with tips for finding the right truck at the right time for the right price. Insights from our exclusive trucking market research survey keep you on top of important trends, and IL’s annual Top 100 Truckers list features the partners who can meet your shipping needs – from first mile to last mile and everything in between. When it comes to in-depth industry news, analysis and trends, cost-cutting and productivity-boosting tips, and decision support, the truck stops here. Also: WMS Buyer’s Guide 2018.

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Search our databases of the Top 100 providers in key segments of the supply chain industry.

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2018 Logistics Planner

UPDATED FOR 2018! Browse 100 in-depth company profiles—all searchable and organized by category—then build and send an RFP to get expert solutions to your logistics challenges. NEW: Live social media feeds and Like/Follow buttons!

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