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Do Buy, Says Dubai

E-commerce is booming and everyone wants a piece of the pie, including Dubai . Read More

Addressing Expedited Delivery Expectations

Amazon and other large retailers set customer expectations by offering expedited delivery at low or no cost. Retailers of all sizes must compete on the same turf, yet lack the negotiating power that could net meaningful discounts with commercial carriers. Read More

Assessing U.S. Shipments and Spend

A tighter truck market, increase in national shipments, and accelerated factory output are among the highlights of the Q3 2017 U.S. Bank Freight Payment Index, which measures quantitative changes in shipment and spend activity (see chart) based on data from transactions the company processes. Read More

Industrial Companies Map Data Gap

Eighty-four percent of industrial companies face a disconnect between data from connected devices and strategic decision making and operations, limiting the Internet of Thing's (IoT) digital transformation potential, according to a research study conducted by IFS, a global enterprise applications company. Read More

6 Strategies for Finding the Right 3PL Partner

RFP season is upon us. It’s the time of year when shippers request bids and plan their optimal logistics strategy for 2018. Here are 6 tips to help you through your next round of RFPs. Read More

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Expedited Delivery: Same-Day Shipping and Airfreight Update

From revealing same-day delivery strategies that match Amazon’s to exploring how the airfreight market has been flying high despite headwinds, this issue packs top-flight takeaways. With a handy guide to airfreight forwarding partners, a rundown of warehouse productivity tips, and an interview with a submarine leader turned retail supply chain head, this edition will help speed your supply chain. Also: New Pallet Program for Food Manufacturer Better by Half

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