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It's Now or NAFTA

The odds are “about 50-50” that NAFTA will be terminated, according to Gerónimo Gutiérrez, Mexico’s ambassador to the United States, following a fifth round of renegotiations among the United States, Mexico, and Canada on the nearly 24-year-old free trade agreement. Read More

Building Resilience in Your Global Supply Chain

If your company has a business continuity plan in place in the event of a supply chain disruption, you are not alone. Nearly 75 percent of organizations have made business continuity arrangements related to supply chain management. Read More

The Human-Centered Supply Chain

The fashion supply chain is moving toward a human-centered model, which shifts from a sequenced approach of siloed operations to a flexible network of participants and partnerships that will enable agile and adaptable supply chain operations. Read More

Meet a New Breed of Procurement Professionals

In a workforce being transformed by the rise of the gig economy and industry restructuring, what attitudes and behaviors do procurement professionals need to climb the career ladder? The first global survey from reveals some answers. Read More

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The Customer Experience: The Last Mile Gets the Royal Treatment

From exploring the ways retailers leverage the last mile to provide the ultimate customer experience to diving into how build-a-bowl restaurants whip supply chain complications, this issue offers timely takeaways. Add a revealing look into how experience-based programs combat the talent gap by nurturing supply chain students, and this edition is a can’t miss. Also: Routing software helps Weatherford Farms put its petals to the medal.

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