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Cheetah Software Systems


Founded in 1987, Cheetah helps companies get the right products to the right place at the right time, with the best customer service and the lowest cost. Cheetah provides dynamic, optimized routing that continuously adjusts to changing conditions; automated dispatch and customer service; and access to real-time supply chain information across an organization. Customers include Macy’s, Ward Trucking, Cardinal Health, FedEx Office, JS Logistics, Central Freight, Exel, Benton Express, and other firms across North America.

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Cost-cutting truck routing and scheduling optimization software that makes complex planning simple. TruckStops routes obey the constraints of your operation while enabling you to offer tighter time windows with greater confidence, make cost savings typically ranging from 10-30 percent, and reduce planning time by 40-50 percent. End-to-end solutions integrating with live traffic information, TMS, ePOD, and tracking systems for strategic and operational use. Includes "plan vs. actual" analysis. To make savings and improve customer service, call 727-483-5562.



NFI is a fully integrated supply chain management provider offering logistics, distribution, warehousing, intermodal, global, commercial real estate, consulting, transportation brokerage, and solar services across the U.S. and Canada. NFI owns facilities nationwide and globally, more than 2,000 tractors, and more than 7,000 trailers. Privately held by one family since its inception in 1932, NFI operates more than 21 million square feet of contract and public warehouse and distribution space, and generates $1 billion in revenue annually. NFI is an EPA Smartway Transport and WasteWise Partner and is dedicated to increasing energy efficiency and reducing the impact of the freight industry upon the environment.



There are two ways to haul more freight: buy more trailers or improve the utilization of your existing fleet. The answer seems clear. When you use SkyBitz GLS Trailer Tracking, you'll squeeze every dollar possible from trailers you already own. SkyBitz Trailer Tracking helps you in the areas you need it most: fleet/asset utilization and efficiency management, security, supply chain visibility, customer service and response, and more. Compare SkyBitz GLS Trailer Tracking on reliability, coverage, and customer service to other systems on the market. The score will be in favor of SkyBitz.

Stone Enterprises Inc.


Rail asset tracking and management meets the Internet in a true anytime, anywhere, web-based application. IntelliTracks provides valuable business intelligence and decision support tools along with fleet management and analysis capabilities. Subscribers can communicate efficiently with both internal and external customers via e-mail or the web. IntelliTracks can be customized and branded to suit your business needs as a shipper, freight service company, or shortline. Online demo available. Built by shippers for shippers!



Teletrac's(R) FleetDirector(R) is a high-performance, automated vehicle location, fleet management and communication system. Real-time vehicle information, using active GPS and the Prism(TM) onboard recorder, is delivered via the Internet. Detailed reports give businesses the tools needed to significantly reduce costs while boosting productivity.

TMW Systems


TMS solutions from the company that drives ground transportation in North America. Extensible, enterprise-ready software for companies that manage or provide transportation services -- from shippers and logistics service providers to private and dedicated fleets to bulk carriers, LTLs, truckload carriers, and pure, non-asset-based freight brokerage. It's not dispatch software, it's Enterprise Transportation Software, from TMW Systems.

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TransCore specializes in a comprehensive suite of mobile, asset-based services, including North America's leading electronic freight matching service, asset tracking via RFID and satellite-based communications, fleet management services, transportation operations management, dock scheduling, and regulatory compliance reporting. Our state-of-the-art technologies enable customers to efficiently manage ground transportation systems, assets, and transactions. TransCore has installations in 39 countries, more than 80 patents, and an ISO 9001:2000-certified research, development, and manufacturing center.

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