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Built exclusively for third-party logistics companies, 3PL Warehouse Manager™ is an easy-to-use, on-demand warehouse management system (WMS) that helps 3PLs run more efficiently, grow their business, and satisfy customers, all for less than $500 per month per warehouse. 3PL Warehouse Manager™ is 100-percent Web-based and requires no investment in hardware, software, or IT resources and includes features such as: EDI, global inventory visibility, order management, real-time reporting, billing management, bar-code scanning, and more. Sign up for a no-hassle, free trial today.

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Aljex Software Inc.


Aljex has an innovative Web-based software for carriers, freight brokers, and intermodal specialists. If you see a demo of our software, you will want it. Why? You will see how Aljex can easily double the number of shipments you can handle. It's so easy to learn that we include unlimited training and support. With Aljex, there is no long, painful switchover. In 48 hours, we can have you trained, linked into the load boards, have your logo on your forms, your users set up, your carriers and customers imported, and ready to work.

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Andlor Logistics Systems


Andlor staff have been associated with the 3PL logistics industry for more than 30 years. The software is a fully integrated 3PL WMS. The Web-based front end provides access for the total supply chain. Users create orders and appointments; access inventories/VMI, receipts, shipments, invoices, claims, EDI data, labor productivity, client messaging, electronic signatures for BOLs and scheduled reports. Andlor offers BacTracs for Reverse Logistics and a Yard Management System. Excellent functionality and support are the Andlor trademarks.

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Camelot 3PL Software


Camelot 3PL Software has provided innovative software solutions to the 3PL industry since 1987. Camelot offers a full suite of software solutions for multi-tenant inventory management, 3PL billing, mobile scanning technology, EDI, accounting and transportation management, all within a single package. With a customer-centric focus, we build lasting partnerships with each customer to help them achieve their goals of growth and profitability.



Dedicated to offering a high-quality product line of innovative yard management solutions, Exotrac is now offering YardTrac Lite. Based on Android, this newest advancement combines cutting-edge wireless technologies to bring real-time, current information on your PC and mobile phone. Yardtrac Lite gives you freedom from clipboards and walkie-talkies, and provides automated yard activity data capture with enterprise-wide visibility.

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Foxfire Software


For over 20 years, Foxfire has specialized in Warehouse Management Software (WMS) serving distribution facilities across North and South America. Its WMS software is ideal for those wanting to optimize inventory levels, increase warehouse labor productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce cycle times. With Foxfire warehousing software, customers can make their operations more efficient, more productive, and more profitable. For more information about a Warehouse Management System, contact Foxfire at 864-868-5243 or visit www.foxfiresoftware.com.

HighJump Software


HighJump Software is a global provider of supply chain management software that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. More than 4,500 customers worldwide have transformed their supply chains using HighJump Software. HighJump Software solutions for distribution and logistics, direct store delivery, trading partner connectivity, mobility and manufacturing include: warehouse management systems, transportation management systems, route accounting systems, manufacturing execution, mobile sales, ERP data collection and the TrueCommerceTM EDI Solutions Platform.

Highway 905


Is inventory management a high priority? Do you fulfill omni-channel orders? Do you face on-time delivery challenges? Do you manage VMI? Do you need cost-to-serve visibility to manage and optimize freight costs? Do you lack supply chain visibility? Do your IT systems have limited or no capabilities? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, Highway905 is here to add value. Highway905 is a global supply chain solutions provider offering a cost-effective, scalable and dependable Supply Chain Execution (SCE) system. Our cloud-based system adds value to the inventory/VMI, omni-channel order-fulfillment, shipping and delivery operations of major 3PL providers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Call 908-874-4867 to speak to a specialist, and visit www.highway905.com for details.

Interlink Technologies


Interlink provides Warehouse-LINK® Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) for real-time visibility that promotes warehouse efficiency, improved space utilization and cost savings throughout the entire warehouse. Warehouse-LINK® is ideally suited for any size company, easily scalable to accommodate growth and supports lot/expiration/serial/date tracking, QC management, work order management, dynamic slotting, cycle counting, multiple warehouse locations and multiple receiving/putaway/picking methods. First-time WMS implementers appreciate our successful strategies and partnership commitment for worry-free projects.

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Invata Intralogistics


We are experts in the design, implementation, and life cycle support of automation systems for distribution centers, fulfillment centers, 3PLs, and reverse logistics centers. We offer complete intralogistics solutions that begin with in-depth operational analysis and end with fully optimized, purpose-built, turnkey systems. Our warehouse automation solutions incorporate an elegant mix of advanced material handling technology (ASRS, sortation, order fulfillment systems, etc.) and algorithmic-rich warehouse software (WMS, WCS) in scalable, supportable, and financially justifiable configurations.

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Magaya Logistics Software Solutions


Magaya’s logistics software is designed specifically for freight forwarders, NVOCCs, logistics providers, warehousing and distribution centers, importers, exporters, and others in the logistics industry. Our software is a complete package that integrates logistics, communication, and accounting features built on the award-winning Magaya Network. Companies can exchange documents for shipping, and more, with their customers and agents worldwide via the Network and give them real-time tracking.

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MAVES International Software Corp.


MAVES builds advanced 3PL software for logistics companies who handle the warehousing and transportation requirements of multiple clients. Our flagship offering ViewPoint Logistics enables the 3PL service provider to manage their operations in real time using simple, powerful tools that will improve the agility and profitability of their business.

proVision WMS


proVision WMS Warehouse Management Software, designed specifically for small to medium-sized companies, delivers real-time visibility into vital inventory and labor resources while coordinating order fulfillment, customer service, and cycle times—for single or multiple warehouses. Totally flexible and configurable to your business, proVision gives you the control over your specific warehouse workflow and business rules. Easily integrating with existing ERP/accounting software, proVision WMS delivers increased productivity and profitable warehouse operations for much less than other warehouse software.

Ramp Systems


Looking for 3PL software solutions to help grow your business? Look no further than Ramp Systems, an enterprise software and services company dedicated to serving the logistics industry. Discover why 350 customers in 10 countries around the world turn to Ramp’s warehouse management, supply chain execution, EDI, e-commerce and application integration solutions. For more information, e-mail info@rampsystems.com, call 215-854-6325, or visit the website.

Robocom Systems International Inc.


Robocom is a Supply Chain Execution software company offering solutions that include warehouse management, 3PL billing, transportation management, voice technology, and labor management. An Enterprise Transportation System and Enterprise Resource Planning System round out the Supply Chain Execution offering. Robocom's solutions address the needs of business leaders responsible for the day-to-day results in warehousing, distribution, third-party logistics, transportation, and trucking operations.

SmartTurn Inc.


SmartTurn provides Web-based, on-demand inventory control and warehouse management solutions that deliver real-time, accurate visibility of inventory across single or multiple warehouses. Designed to deliver enterprise-class capabilities for small to medium-sized business at a fraction of the cost of traditional license and installed software. For one low, monthly fee you get unlimited users, access to all critical inventory and warehouse functions, built-in integration to QuickBooks and most CRM/ERP/POS systems. Powerful enough for 3PLs, manufacturers and wholesalers who need turn-key, customizable visibility for all your customers or trading partners. Create a new value curve for your business and improve your customer service levels instantly. See the demo now.



TECSYS is a leading supply chain management software provider that delivers powerful enterprise warehouse, distribution, and transportation logistics software solutions. The company's customers include more than 500 mid-size and Fortune 1000 corporations in healthcare, heavy equipment, third-party logistics, and general wholesale high-volume distribution industries.

Westfalia Technologies


Westfalia Technologies is a leader in providing logistics solutions for plants, warehouses, and distribution centers. Our expertise combining software (WMS) development with automated equipment manufacturing reveals Westfalia's ability to deliver turn-key solutions to meet each client's specific needs with unsurpassed quality and control. To learn more about Westfalia's products, including Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), and Savanna.NET® Warehouse Management Systems, visit www.westfaliausa.com.

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