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Micro Warehousing: Definition, Trends, and Benefits

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Micro warehousing presents both advantages and challenges. Its benefits include faster delivery, reduced shipping costs, and improved customer satisfaction. However, it also involves higher operational costs and increased complexity in inventory management.

2024 Top 100 3PLs

When you need scalable and flexible logistics, supply chain and transportation solutions, everyone knows these companies deliver. In alphabetical order, here are the 100 third-party logistics providers deemed the best of the best by Inbound Logistics editors.

EV Battery Investments Surge; Other Clean Energy News

DHL Group is expanding its charging infrastructure for electric trucks, thanks to a partnership with energy provider E.ON. The contract calls for E.ON to establish fast-charging infrastructure at DHL Group distribution centers. DHL service partners will also have access to the new charging infrastructure.

Are We Ready for Fully Digital BoLs?

While the advantages of electronic bills of lading (eBoLs) are clear, several hurdles—complex implementation, legal concerns, and a reluctance to let go of established processes—hamper its adoption.

What Can Rail Shippers Expect?

The rail industry finds itself at a critical juncture, poised for transformative progress that extends well beyond individual companies. Building on the progress freight rail companies made in 2023, this year holds the promise of a secure future marked by reliability, resilience, and commitment to sustainability.

Are Supply Chain Managers Running the Company?

Supply chain managers are playing a greater role in directing company operations and creating shared enterprise value as silos between suppliers and customers start to come down. Technology plays a part in opening those pathways because it cuts across company barriers. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers promise to do the same by cutting across inter-company barriers […]

Revolutionizing Local Delivery: The Future of Multi-Store Order Fulfillment

Implementing new shipper types for business deliveries, optimizing capacity, and adopting an income model based on stops are key strategies in reshaping last-mile delivery services.

A Supply Chain With Beauty and Brains

While selling beauty products may seem like a straightforward endeavor, “When you talk about cosmetics, it’s a world of complexity,” says Germán Ricardo Rodríguez Parra, operations strategic planning senior manager, supply chain, for Latin American direct-sales beauty firm Belcorp.

Hawaii Logistics: Shoring Up Supply Chains

The Aloha State offers a stunning location and presents unique challenges for shippers. Here’s how top logistics companies ensure smooth sailing—and seamless air and ground movement—for cargo.

Supply Chains Stabilize, But Risks Ahead

In 2023, it seemed like the supply chain was finally starting to calm down from the turmoil and instability that the pandemic set in motion. But storm clouds are appearing on the horizon, and manufacturers and distributors should pay close attention to them.

NOTED: Supply Chain Highlights

GOOD WORKS • DHL Group expanded its GoHelp program to Europe due to the growing number of recent catastrophes. With the launch of GoHelp Europe, the program now covers all global disaster hotspots. UP THE CHAIN ← Rob Standish joins MD Logistics as vice president of corporate strategy and technology, a new position created within […]

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Consumers Want More Action on Sustainability

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The 2022 Retail and Sustainability Survey from global business applications firm CGS illustrates the demand for sustainability, even at the cost of losing expedited shipping times.

What’s the biggest supply chain silo?

Readers shine a light on the most significant information lapses and data gaps in the supply chain, from transportation siloes to the lack of visibility into suppliers.

Higher Transport Rates on the Horizon

Fuel surcharges, market forces, and easing truckload growth rates are driving up parcel and LTL rates, says Cowen/AFS’s 2022 Freight Index.

What pandemic-era adjustment will have the greatest supply chain impact?

The acceleration of digital twins. The ability to digitally model a company’s manufacturing and distribution network will allow it to quickly assess the impact of large and small disruptions and take appropriate actions. —Allen Jacques Industry Thought Leader Kinaxis The use of data analytics to help suppliers really understand consumer behavior. Suppliers decided to eliminate […]

NOTED: The Supply Chain In Brief

The latest mergers & acquisitions, logistics contracts, sustainability initiatives, humanitarian logistics efforts and more. Good Works The Coca-Cola Company, based in Atlanta, donated $1 million to the Technical College System of Georgia Foundation’s Commercial Truck Driving Program. The donation funds driver training programs and helps ensure more drivers are in the pipeline to fill trucking […]

Supply Chain Helps Meet ESG Goals

As corporations become increasingly focused on ESG initiatives, their supply chain and logistics partners respond with tools and services designed to help them grow sustainability and other goals.

2022 75 Green Supply Chain Partners

Inbound Logistics editors select 75 companies going above and beyond to prioritize green initiatives and help global supply chains become more sustainable. These companies are dedicated to developing and implementing best practices that leave a positive footprint on the world.

Chemical Logistics: Critical Challenges Drive Creativity

Chemical shippers and their partners keep critical shipments moving safely and efficiently—refining their strategies and getting creative despite considerable challenges. Here’s how leading providers formulate solutions for the chemical industry.

Vertical Focus: Footwear

China SC Woes Have Footwear Industry Tied In Knots The impact on the supply chain from lockdowns in China was a major themefor footwear retailers in the first half of 2022. Largely reporting lower-than-expected earnings, many major footwear brands pointed a finger at the lockdowns to explain their disappointing performance levels. Strict and extended COVID-19 […]

To Efficiently Unload Trucks, You First Need to Dance: A Winning Collaboration Between DHL Supply Chain and Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has established a reputation as one of the most innovative and advanced robotics companies in the world. Much of this reputation has grown through the many videos of its dancing robots. And, while the videos are fun, they also serve a very real purpose in spurring innovation and advancing robotic technology. The videos, […]

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Micro Warehousing: Definition, Trends, and Benefits

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Micro warehousing presents both advantages and challenges. Its benefits include faster delivery, reduced shipping costs, and improved customer satisfaction. However, it also involves higher operational costs and increased complexity in inventory management.

Logistics vs. Transportation: Their Key Differences

Understanding logistics vs transportation is crucial for anyone involved in supply chain management and commercial shipping. These terms, while often used interchangeably, have distinct meanings and roles. Logistics involves the planning and coordination of transportation and distribution services, managing the supply chain, and ensuring efficient transportation of goods. Transportation, on the other hand, focuses on […]

FCL: Meaning, Importance, and Key Characteristics

Understanding FCL meaning and its significance in commercial shipping and logistics is essential for businesses engaged in international trade. By opting for FCL, businesses can enjoy cost savings, reduced handling, and greater control over their shipments. 

Container Chassis: What It Is, Types, and Role in Shipping Operations

Efficient cargo transportation is very important in commercial shipping and logistics. The container chassis, which is essential in transporting containerized goods, is at the heart of this process.  In this guide, we will discuss container chassis, offering a comprehensive overview of their significance and usage in commercial shipping. Understanding Container Chassis Container chassis are specialized […]

Assembly Line: Definition, History, and Advantages

Assembly lines are the backbone of modern manufacturing, revolutionizing how we produce everything from cars to consumer electronics.  They enable manufacturers to assemble complex products efficiently, drastically transforming traditional production methods. By systematically adding parts at successive stations, these lines optimize time and labor, making large-scale manufacturing feasible and economically viable. As we delve into […]

Retail Logistics: Definition, Challenges, and Best Practices

Efficient retail logistics is crucial for the success of the retail industry, ensuring that the supply chain runs smoothly and meets customer demand.

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