Green Landscape: Supply Chain Sustainability

Bill Armstrong

Hold Everything: Adopting Protective Packaging Practices

Evaluating a company’s distribution and fulfillment processes can play a major role in reducing its environmental impact while enhancing its corporate image and reducing overall costs. Protective packaging is an important part of this analysis. Packaging supports and balances a company’s broader sustainability goals and initiatives for reducing carbon emissions, creating operational efficiencies, conserving resources, […]

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Rich Becks

Eco-operation in Action: Collaborating to Achieve Green Goals

As a company with tens of thousands of suppliers around the globe, Walmart’s bold move to promote a sustainability index has planted new seeds across entire industries. It’s a significant event for manufacturers, and has caused many businesses to take notice of new customer aspirations and re-think their supply chain designs. Walmart’s efforts to reduce […]

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Software Tools Optimize Green Logistics

By now most third-party logistics (3PL) service providers, big and small, have jumped on the sustainability bandwagon. They’re reducing ship and truck speeds, designing and restructuring warehouses to cut power consumption, implementing bio-fuels, packing products with reusable and environmentally friendly packaging, and consolidating freight for full truckload runs. But they could be doing more. Maybe […]

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Ensuring Your Carrier Promotes Supply Chain Value Through Sustainability

Consumers used to appreciate an environmental consciousness in the businesses they patronized. Now they expect it. Improved sustainability has become the right choice for corporations—economically, environmentally, and legally. Corporate sustainability programs should provide guidelines and measures for strategies such as reducing fuel consumption, reducing or eliminating materials for disposal, and preventing pollution. Shippers formalizing and […]

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Sustainable Network Design: The Right Tools Make All the Difference

Until recently, supply chains were designed to deliver goods on time and at the lowest possible cost. This is still the focus for many companies, but as consumer pain increases due to rising energy costs, and environmental concerns such as global warming achieve greater awareness, forward-thinking businesses realize green issues are here to stay. These […]

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