Global Logistics – September 2010

Audi Stops For Green Light Audi is pushing the accelerator in its pursuit of greener cars and a more sustainable supply chain. For example, in December 2009, Green Car Journal honored the German automotive manufacturer’s 2010 Audi A3 TDI as its Green Car of the Year. But the carmaker doesn’t stop there. Audi transports its […]

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Global Logistics–July 2010

Prince Rupert’s Princely Returns As the rest of the world deals with the aftershock of a global economic recession, British Columbia’s Port of Prince Rupert keeps steaming along with record traffic. Because the port is two days closer to Asia than any other West Coast gateway, isn’t bottlenecked with congestion, and has made considerable investments […]

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Strengthening Your China Operations

The consumer goods industry has been hurt by the economic chill on both sides of the Pacific. In the United States, declining sales, inventory cutbacks, and limited credit are affecting demand. In China, the decline in exports has caused significant instability, widespread factory closures, and growing unrest among a labor force that has lost millions […]

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Peace and Tranquility

In light of the Chinese government’s reaction to the recent spy plane incident, prudence dictates that readers of this magazine—inbound logisticians and supply chain managers with crucial assets and supply lines stretching across China—seriously consider contingencies now. The treasure you have invested in China is at some risk. The spy plane incident reminds me of […]

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