Risk Management

Robert L. Sobel

Reducing Risk with Trade Disruption Insurance

Because doing business in the global marketplace has become more risky, U.S. companies need to be their own best advocates. Exporters and importers should take precautions to minimize risks to profitability and viability in world trade. One step is investing in trade disruption insurance (TDI). SMART PROTECTION First written for the London Market in the […]

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C. Daniel Negron

New Year, New Insurance Review

The start of the new year is the time to make resolutions, and risk managers should resolve to review their operations to ensure that risk and insurance programs are in order. Your risk review should address several key questions: Are you planning to offer new services? If so, consider your insurance obligations before the transaction […]

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Contingency Planning: Get Ahead of the Game NOW

It comes with the territory. Those of us who make our living in the fiercely competitive world of transportation, logistics, and supply chain management have developed an intense focus on consistently meeting and exceeding customer needs. Although most of us already operate under the credo “we need to do our work better tomorrow than we […]

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Logistics Contingency Planning

Can your company weather a logistics disaster such as a terrorist attack, airport closure, or worker strike? These sudden disruptions can strand you—along with your customers’ freight. Here are tips on planning for a crisis, and handling emergency shipping when a major disruption happens, from Joel Childs, vice president of marketing, FedEx Custom Critical. 1. […]

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Let’s Mobilize Our Disaster Management Expertise

It struck me a few years back. Earthquakes in Turkey and Taiwan. Floods in Curacaos. Disaster upon disaster hit nations where Fritz Companies’ employees were based and we didn’t have a plan to help them and their families. In fact, when I called around to other companies at the time, I couldn’t find anyone that […]

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