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10 Ways to Leverage Intermodal

A boon to the supply chain for decades, intermodal embraces standardization, which has reduced transport costs and mistakes and improved freight service across the globe. Read More

Cycling at Full Speed

Bicycle manufacturers and retailers race to catch up to surging demand as consumer behaviors shift gears. Read More

Reading the Room

With great adversity comes great creativity—that’s how Annette Danek-Akey, EVP of supply chain at Penguin Random House, helped convert a new facility into a picking and shipping point to meet demand for books. Read More

Let's Not Forget

Supply chain has the capacity to quickly adopt new technologies, adapt to new working conditions, and remain highly productive. The "new" technologies for collaborative work are not really new, however. Read More

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Reshaping Retail

COVID-19 accelerated retail trends and forced retailers to retool fulfillment strategies. From BOPIS to BOPAC, this edition explores the techniques that have kept products moving off shelves and reveals whether these strategies stay in the retail lineup or get thrown to the curb in the coming years. Including a look at the shakeup at subscription services and the transportation metrics that matter, this edition highlights the moves that keep supply chains on track during tumultuous times. Also: Florida Sets the Future.

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