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Post Office Dings E-Commerce?

Two recent and important developments will impact domestic and international e-commerce shipments. The first one concerns the U.S. Postal Service's relationship with Amazon.  Read More

How Shippers Can Relieve Delivery Anxiety

Consumers' delivery anxiety is your single largest obstacle to converting orders into sales. Here's how to overcome it. Read More

3PLs, Tech Providers Empower Ethical Supply Chains

Shippers do not always spend adequate attention and resources on the ethical issues involved in their highly complex supply chains, but a company can suffer severe brand damage when ethical issues along its supply chain become exposed. Read More

Take a Load Off Your Fleet

Maintenance and repair (M&R) is the top factor motivating fleet executives to acquire new trucks, say 40 percent of respondents to a recent Fleet Advantage survey of more than 1,000 fleet executives. Read More

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Get It Fast: Supply Chain Velocity

When it comes to achieving supply chain velocity, shippers need to get a move on it. Customers want their orders and they want them right now. From revealing one dozen speed-boosting strategies to exploring how airfreight forwarders are strutting new service styles to featuring leading airfreight forwarding partners that rush shipments around the globe, this edition will get your supply chain going.

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