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Keeping Truckers Safe on the Road

Keeping drivers safe is important for everyone on the road, especially with 115 million cars and trucks hitting U.S. streets every day. Not everyone who drives will get into an accident. However, the risk is much higher for truckers who drive every day for work. Read More

Trade Wars, Cyber Threats Top Maritime Concerns

The global maritime industry is cautiously optimistic about the global business environment for world trade, but also concerned about the potential impact of trade tensions, cyber security, fuel costs, and other headwinds to industry recovery.  Read More

Selecting a Cloud-based TMS

Selecting and implementing a SaaS-based Transportation Management System (TMS) requires careful thought. Future users and decision-makers need to do the following. Read More

The Changing Logistics of Grocery Delivery: It’s In The Bag

Food retailers are working to satisfy consumers' growing appetite for rapid delivery of everything from tomatoes to orange juice. To feed this demand, they're educating personal shoppers, developing new technologies to handle the last-mile, rethinking distribution networks and inventory planning, and partnering with technology companies. Read More

U.S. Infrastructure Investment: A Private Matter?

Leasing America's largest existing toll roads, bridges, airports, seaports, water and wastewater facilities, and university parking systems to private partners could generate $720 billion to $885 billion for state and local governments to spend on new infrastructure projects, finds a new Reason Foundation study. Read More

How Retailers Earn 5-Star Reviews

The human touch, product education, smooth delivery, sturdy packaging, and good cup of coffee help retailers rate high with customers. Read More

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Customer Service: How Retailers Earn 5-Star Reviews

This edition earns high ratings when it comes to supply chain insight, revealing how retailers use supply chain skills to earn five-star reviews from customers and how continuing education professionals are cooking up new programs. Also worth checking out: a look at the changing logistics of grocery delivery and a roundup of 2018 supply chain trends that have long-lasting implications.

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