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Panama Canal Keeps the Faith

The Panama Canal welcomed its 5,000th Neopanamax vessel through the waterway, reaffirming the value and impact the route has had on global maritime trade. Read More

What, Me Worry?

Manufacturing professionals are among the most aware of industry change due to automation, finds The State of Intelligent Process Automation from Nintex. The survey of manufacturing workers finds that 75 percent don't harbor concern for job security amid the rise of new technologies.  Read More

 CPG Success: Top-Shelf Solutions

 To succeed in a challenging omnichannel marketplace, successful CPG businesses are reaching for efficient manufacturing operations and new supply chain and transportation models. Read More

 Is Your Supply Chain Ready for 2019?

 Some of the most relevant topics in today's headlines—technology, commerce, international relations, the legal landscape, and even immigration policy—will impact supply chains over the next 12 months and beyond. Read More

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Supply Chain Education: Connecting the Dots for a Successful Career

What does an ideal supply chain education look like? This edition outlines the curriculum that ensures the right skillset, whether you are just starting your career or looking to hire new talent. Learn the crucial supply chain skills that will give you and your team the edge, and consult our handy Logistics and Supply Chain Education Guide to find the education offerings – from undergraduate degrees to on-the-job options –that ensure supply chain success.

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