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Chemical Logistics

Chemical Supply Chain: Innovative Solutions in the Mix June 2019 | 18 pgs. | 2.8 MB

Special joint supplement with ChemWeek: From specialized requirements to capacity considerations, formidable challenges face chemical shippers. In reaction, logistics providers are rolling out solutions of substance.

Chemical Logistics: The Price of Success June 2018 | 20 pgs. | 3 MB

These are good times for chemical manufacturing in the United States. But an active market creates special challenges for companies that need to transport chemical products.

Chemical Logistics: Primed for Growth June 2017 | 14 pgs. | 1.7 MB

Growing demand for U.S.-made chemicals sparks new opportunities, while aggravating capacity concerns.

Chemical Logistics: Formula for Success June 2016 | 17 pgs. | 3 MB

As the chemical industry continues to grow, shippers and their service partners work hard to keep product moving, trouble-free.
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Chemical Logistics: Keep It Moving, Keep It Safe June 2015 | 19 pgs. | 1.53 MB

As U.S. chemical production grows, chemical shippers and their partners refine their strategies to ensure trouble-free transportation, secure sufficient capacity, and navigate the regulatory landscape.

Chemical Logistics: Delivering Solutions for a Complex Industry June 2014 | 21 pgs. | 3.9 MB

Shipping and storing chemicals means managing regulatory issues, hazmat safety, and specialized equipment needs.

Chemical Logistics: New Challenges and New Opportunities June 2013 | 1 pgs. | 3.14 MB

Experienced third-party supply chain partners help chemical shippers build a modern, effective, and efficient chemical supply chain.

Chemical Logistics: Perfect Chemistry June 2012 | 17 pgs. | 2.94 MB

For the right blend of expertise, experience, and equipment, many shippers of chemical products turn to specialized carriers and 3PLs.

Chemical Logistics: Smart Strategies for Uncertain Times June 2011 | 18 pgs. | 3.03 MB

After years of uncertainty, chemical shippers and service providers are getting back on the right road. Discover the path they are taking in this informative resource from Inbound Logistics and Chemical Week.

Joint Advertising Supplement: Chemical Logistics June 2010 | 21 pgs. | 4.27 MB

As the economy drives change, chemical shippers adapt, making the move to intermodal service, developing leaner operations, and cutting transit times. Discover the latest chemical logistics developments in this informative resource from Inbound Logistics and Chemical Week.

Chemical Logistics June 2009 | 15 pgs. | 5.6 MB

How are chemical shippers and carriers handling the economic crisis? What's the latest news in chemical logistics training and regulations? Find out in this informative resource from Inbound Logistics and Chemical Week.

Digital Must Haves

July 2019 July 2019 | 245 pgs. | 40.1 MB

Inbound Logistics’ annual 3PL edition delivers the actionable, how-to information you need to forge long-lasting, beneficial supply chain partnerships. This edition spotlights three shipper-provider team-ups that set the stage for success, reveals the Top 100 Third-Party Logistics Providers that IL editors deem the best of the best, and honors the reader-voted Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards winners. We also get behind the wheel of the aftermarket auto parts supply chain and the logistics driving the Indy 500. Download now for content that helps you optimize your supply chain.

January 2019 January 2019 | 436 pgs. | 131.4 MB

Jolt your warehousing, transportation, and logistics operations with these 159 actionable to-do’s. Designed to get your supply chain moving and your IT together, this blockbuster edition is jam-packed with need-to-have and trending content. From top-shelf solutions for CPG success, supply chain finance programs that put more cash in your wallet, the freight transportation forecast from a leading transportation economist to a new formula for market domination, this special Planner edition gives you plenty to be amped about.

2019 Logistics Planner January 2019 | 121 pgs. | 31.1 MB

Find the right technology solutions and transportation and logistics partners to drive supply chain efficiency. The 2019 Logistics Planner, 27 years strong, is updated with profiles of leaders in supply chain, transportation, technology, logistics, and more who stand ready to help you face upcoming challenges and optimize your enterprise.

Top 100 3PL Providers July 2019 | 19 pgs. | 0.81 MB

Our annual directory showcases the logistics service providers that are one step ahead of the rest.

2019 Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards July 2019 | 8 pgs. | 1.1 MB

The Inbound Logistics audience has stamped it license-plate official: These top-tier third-party logistics providers deserve accolades and the distinction of being a Top 10 3PL.

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