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Noted: The Supply Chain in Brief

Read the latest good works, sustainability efforts, mergers and acquisitions, new hires, and sealed deals happening in the supply chain. Read More

Reset, Rewind

As the COVID-19 pandemic redefines consumer behavior, some nostalgic supply chain practices are making a comeback. Read More

What's Lurking in Your Supply Chain?

Up to 80% of all security breaches start in the supply chain—are you fully informed of the level of security across your vendors, partners, and contractors? Read More

In Defense of You

You've failed at logistics. So says David Segal in his recent article entitled "What Happened to the Great American Logistics Machine?" in The New York Times. Read More

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Supply Chain Resilience & Sustainability

From staying committed to sustainability to investing in cutting-edge research, supply chain stakeholders are displaying resilience and facing down a pandemic. This edition reveals the COVID-19 resets that are enabling companies to craft new supply chains and meet urgent demand. In addition, the edition lists 15 immediate ways to go green and highlights 75 supply chain partners who will boost your eco-friendly initiatives; in short it’s evergreen with insights for optimizing and streamlining your supply chain.

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