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The Future of Warehouse Workers

Warehouse employment has reached new highs as e-commerce sales are higher than any previous point in time. Businesses may need to increase salaries by as much as 3.5% to compete for talent for such high-demand roles. Read More

Does Lean Have a Limit?

Automation and intelligence will be key tools in developing supply chain resilience. Companies can start by implementing these three key enablers. Read More

Digging Up Vertical Farming Solutions

A new automated solution can help the vertical farming industry overcome barriers to growth with better flexibility, reduced costs, and closer proximity to consumers. Read More

LEGACY at the Crossroads of America

As e-commerce continues to dominate the retail landscape, many logistics services providers are evolving their solutions to meet this new demand, including LEGACY Supply Chain. Read More

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Supply Chain Technology: The Age of Acceleration

Covering shipment data-integrating technologies that provide visibility as well as transportation strategies that ensure reliability even during uncertainty, this edition puts you on the fast track to supply chain efficiency. Accelerate your operations with our exclusive market research into the logistics technology sector and our handy list of 100 leading vendors that provide innovative solutions.

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