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Come Together: Logistics and the Sharing Economy

Need a warehouse or a truck? With the sharing economy, you have it. Today’s on-demand world is creating a new version of supply chain collaboration that helps startups gain access to an enterprise-grade fulfillment network without a long-term lease or massive investments. Read More

Conviction, Clarity, Compassion

Bob Sappio starts his workday at 4:30 a.m. and sends LinkedIn messages to his team on Saturday night. He’s committed, passionate, and a straight shooter–and gives his all to SeaCube’s technological and cultural transformation. Read More

The Show Must Go On

Leaning on 30 years of experience shipping in Mexico, CFI delivered concert equipment for a well-known pop music group tour in North America. Read More

Formulating a Predictive Flow

BASF Corp.’s vision for the next six to 12 months is to continue to move from a proactive approach to predictive logistics and shipping operations. It expects operations to be about 80% predictive in 2020. But even that doesn’t go far enough these days. Read More

Let Data Lead the Way to Optimization

Supply chain information is critical, and it’s far more than letting consumers know when their packages will arrive. Here's how to enable end-to-end visibility. Read More

Supply Chain AI: This Time It’s for Real

Artificial intelligence technology has been with us for a long time. What has changed recently is the power of computing, cloud-based service options, and the applicability of AI to supply chain and logistics. Read More

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Reshaping the Supply Chain

Kickstart the decade with this special edition that explores new strategies, goals, and technologies transforming supply chain operations. Designed to help you prepare for 2020 and beyond, this blockbuster issue packs predictions, insights, and to-do’s to reshape your approach and boost supply chain efficiency. And the logistics leaders profiled in this special Planner Profile edition will help you get your supply chain in gear and on the road to transformation.

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