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Legend Valve Opens Fulfillment Spigot

The integration between 6 River Systems collaborative mobile robots, Packsize, and JD Edwards’ ERP systems doubled Legend Valves’ pick rates. Read More

A Valid Question

"Inbound logistics" was counterculture in 1980. Today, many call it supply chain management or the demand-driven enterprise. No matter what you call it, the benefits and value are clear. Read More

From a Modest Beginning

When we started Inbound Logistics in 1981, the latest technology was using fax machines to distribute routing guides to vendors. Forty years later, we've advanced to using technology in a pivotal year, empowering the demand-driven enterprise. Read More

Optimizing LTL Shipping

Less-than-truckload (freight shipping is critical to everyday commerce and is an economical way to ship palletized or loose freight. Here’s how to do it well. Read More

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137 Tips for a Fully Charged Supply Chain

From 137 tips to charge your supply chain to last-mile moves that uncork bottlenecks, this edition packs insights, predictions, and to-do’s to hone your approach and boost supply chain efficiency. And the logistics leaders profiled in this special Planner Profile edition will help you jumpstart your supply chain on the road to transformation.

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