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Driven by an increase in e-commerce, global parcel volume grew from 74.4 billion shipments in 2017 to 87 billion last year. On average, 23 parcels per person were shipped globally, and 2,760 parcels were shipped every second, according to the Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index. Read More

The Death of Your Profession?

That's right, if you work in the supply chain management field, and have a decade or so until you retire, it's time to dust off your resume and consider other career paths. That's according to a Harvard Business Review article. Let's do an autopsy. Read More

Using Real-Time Tech to Mitigate Risk

Real-time technology can help shippers keep abreast of high-impact incidents around the world and provide extra time and context to activate their supply chain risk mitigation strategies. Read More

3PLs Add Value

Increasing consumer expectations, market uncertainty, and other recent trends, have only enhanced the value 3PLs bring to shippers. From technology innovations to process insights, here are the ways 3PLs unlock and increase supply chain efficiencies.  Read More

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Turbo Charged! Secrets of Expedited Shipping

When shippers need to get critical goods to their destinations without fail and with no time to spare, carriers get creative. From revealing how carriers move high-priority loads extra fast while holding down costs to providing a handy guide of speedy and reliable airfreight forwarders, this edition helps shippers turbocharge their supply chains.

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